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Fishing Report

Weekly fishing reports for the surf and tidal waters of Delaware.

Spring fishing Is On Point

The weather is amazing, if you aren't out fishing you should be all weekend. Anglers are finding more and more fish and the water temperatures are rising steadily. Despite the nightly temperature drops it is really warming up nice.

Look What I found

Resident striped bass have been schooling up now ever since the water started warming up. Usually when the white perch start feeding heavily the striped bass are mixed in as well. For a couple of weeks the fishing has been sporadic,

Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

Anyone ready to start doing this to get a fish on? The fishing has been decent to okay depending on where you are fishing. Bill McGee gets props for the first flounder of the year. "I put out a test crab pot and came up with this

Post Heat Wave Fishing

The weather is back to hot, but at least not as hot as the first heat wave. Summer ain't over yet so be prepared for more hot days. Best to go fishing in the early morning and evenings when it is cooler, and the fish are more active. We…