Fishing You Just Never Know What You will Catch


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Rob Jones … Don’t see that everyday 5 miles out in the ocean

You never know what you are going to catch or what you will see while fishing.  In the case of Rob Jones today, it was what you run into five miles off the coast.  One would think maybe a boat or something like that, but not this.  “I thought it was  a little boat way out.   So I started to go towards it to see, as I got closer, I realized it wasn’t.  Didn’t expect to see a duck with sunglasses looking back at me 5 miles out in the ocean.  Lately many people have lost their blow up toys off the beach.  Like in the case of the one over the fourth of July weekend.   The Delaware Jet Ski Fishing crew came up with a contest to see who could bring back as many balloons they can find over a certain amount of time.  Pretty sure Rob just locked the lead with this duck.  Rob towed the duck back in and now it has a lovely home on his porch in Dewey Beach.  This is the third blow up toy that has been recovered at sea this summer.  We are working on reuniting some of them with their owners.

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