Six Pounder Flounder In Rehoboth Bay


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Matt Adams with his 4 and 6.9 pound flounders, also known as dinner.

Matt Adams landed a 6.9 pound flounder this afternoon and another four pounder.  He was using a gulp like bait, and jigged these two beauties up.  The Rehoboth bay apparently has some nice sized flounder you just have to look for them.  Shallow moving water is a good place to start.  Look for minnows breaking the surface most likely either flounder, blues or striped bass are chasing them.  There are small bluefish in schools mixed with the peanut bunker and a a lot of nice mullet around the inland bays.  Croaker are getting bigger and more decent sized keepers are being landed using fishbites, squid or bloodworms.  Squid being the cheapest bait to use if you want to save money.  Fihbites on the other hand will catch a few fish before you need a new piece.  Cut a piece so it is square, just as long as it is wide.  That is all it takes, and a strip of Fishbites will last almost all day.  So as far as economically it is a trade off, squid is cheap but Fishbites last longer.  Fresh bloodworms usually out fishes both of them and is the most expensive.


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Flounder in the surf at Keybox caught by Gary Duren
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The water clarity is great at Masseys landing you can see almost four feet into the water, especially at high tide.  There are small and keeper sized croaker, flounder, spot,  and seabass around the pier.  Fish the pylons of the pier, along the rocks, or the bulkheads.  You will see schools of fish move through on occasion, just have a rod at the ready to cast for them.  Otherwise you drown bait and wait for a twitch at the ditch.  You can jig the bottom for flounder in the same areas.  At night the short striped bass usually are under the lights hitting small bucktails and swim shads.

The weather is hot and we keep having storm warnings.  Today was no different except the tornado warning in Worchester county.  There was a waterspout near Assateague Island and then a funnel cloud was spotted offshore but it never hit the water.  I can’t stress enough how important it is to watch the weather on days like this.  These pop up storms will form right over your head in no time and start moving real fast.  Get a good weather app, they all have decent radar, and keep an eye on the sky.  You can get stuck in a storm real fast offshore and that is no fun not to mention dangerous.   Sometimes being on the beach is no picnic in a storm.  Get in the vehicle and get off the beach if you can, or wait it out in your vehicle.  Taking the rods down is good idea too, since most of them these days conduct electricity.  Stay hydrated out there it is better than the last few days but it is still hot.


Fish On!!

Rich King


Video of the storm coming into Ocean City today … from the Town of Ocean City Facebook page, captured by Christina Fendryk of Havre de’ Grace

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