Pompano Are In The Surf


pompano, delaware, sussex county
Jim Blasetto landed and release this 12 inch pompano on the beach at 3Rs Road Thursday … photo from Old Inlet Bait and Tackle

One of the bonuses of summer hibernation is when these little guys show up.  Old Inlet Bait and Tackle just reported a Pompano caught in the surf.  “Jim Blasetto of Chads Ford PA landed and release this 12 inch pompano on the beach at 3Rs Road yesterday. It hit a bloodworm”   I know they are hitting them south of us but this is the first pompano caught this year in Delaware.  Those are good eats. Cut-n-gut then grill that puppy and eat around the bones.  Delicious!  If there is one there are more they are a schooling fish.  This one was caught on real bloodworms, so fishbites should do just as well they usually do.  Use a top and bottom rig with sharp hooks.  Look for the Diamond State Custom Tackle top and bottom rigs with owner hooks.  Good to see pompano here now, a little early but that is fine everything else was too, well except croaker, now we just need some big croaker, which are a tad late.  Plenty of small ones out there.  This big pompano is perfect eating size, in case you catch a few.  Delaware does not have a creel or size limit on these, they are here with the Gulf Stream.  Bring on the weird summer fish, can’t wait to see all the crazy catches.

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I’ll tell you about summer hibernation later, it’s complicated.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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