Cobia In The Surf

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Dave Pcholinski from Pittsburgh with the cobia he caught today

Dave Pcholinski from Pittsburgh hit a nice little cobia in the surf today, it wasn’t a keeper but was certainly a surprise to him.  Not surprising since the water has been so clear and the amount of bluefish off the beaches.  ” I was at the fishing beach in Rehoboth next to the rock Jetty.  I was catching small blues from 6 inches to 16 inches for the last few days and also 2 short strippers around 18 inches.  Catching all the blues on cut bluefish and the strippers on white gulp curly tails with a pink skirt.  Then at low tide around 12:30 this afternoon got a nice hit and thought it was just another bluefish but to my surprise as I was reeling it in, through the wave a I saw that the fish was dark colored with a light stripe.  Beached that baby and saw it was a small Cobia.  Never have I seen a Cobia caught in the surf in all my years.  The fish hit a chunk of cut bluefish. I was casting out to where the green water broke at the line with the dark blue water probably about 50 to 70 yards out.  I have never seen the water this clean.  I’ll be back out hitting it hard tomorrow.”  

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Delaware follows the federal regulations for cobia at thirty three inches.  Yesterday I asked the Tidal Finfish Advisory Council (TFFAC) to recommend that  DNREC put cobia in the fishing guide next year so people know the regulations on these fish.  We are seeing more and more of them every year in our waters.   Right now you can’t keep one if you are three miles or more off the coast of Delaware (the EEZ).  That is due to a closure by the feds earlier this year until January 2017.   You can catch them you just can’t keep them if you are out there.  Once in a while we see a big one caught in the surf and the Indian River Inlet.  They are usually following the bluefish.  In the case of a few offshore anglers not long ago, cobia were trying to steal their flounder catches on the retrieve at site ten.  Rob Wolhar had one hanging around his jet ski while he and the boys were out a good ten miles, fishing.

Fish On!

Rich King

Cobia Filmed by Rob Wolhar near his Jet Ski … 

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