Delaware Surf Fishing Report April 14th 2023

Good to see a new arrival already. The flounder are starting to show up around the inland bays and waterways between. This one hammered a gulp on a bucktail, while the angler was jigging around some structure. This was caught at _____ near the ____, You know the one next to the ______ under the _____ where that guy fell in last year?

Flounder caught this afternoon

Anyway …. flounder are arriving. The pelicans are here in full force, and more daily. The northern puffer bite is better each day. Should be a spring gator blue near the surf any day now, then they will be offshore rest of the summer most likely.. Striped bass and drum action are picking up in Delaware too. The rats are in the surf. Some quality weakfish are being caught around the bays too.

By the way Northern pufferfish are not poisonous. They have a toxin in their skin that the tiny spines can work into your skin. Wear gloves to clean them when gripping them. Otherwise they are harmless and delicious.

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Jenn Bowden Thornton’s puffer today on a DS Custom Tackle top and Bottom rig.

You have to put in some time to catch while surf fishing. Today a buddy of mine said .. “I am one puffer for every ten skate. I am up to 18 skates should be a puffer any minute now.” He got to 23 skate, 6 dogfihs and a short striped bass. Still a fun day fishing.
This is what putting in the time looks like. Fish don’t care about conditions as much, since they have to live and feed regardless. Fish don’t know they are wet.
Fish the bad weather, take one more cast. Pick through tons of skates and dogfish for that one rewarding catch. The grass is annoying but the fish will feed in most conditions and not care. Fish more, catch more right? I know never works out that way but put in the time you always learn something. Also it’s a day of fishing what could be worse?


Rich King

Flounder had what appears to be sand eels and maybe a juvenile flounder or a sundial.

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