Flounder Fishing Is Picking Up

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I asked Ricky and HD how the fishing was, they pointed to the pole near the Grizzly.

Okay …  that all depends on who you ask, but for the most part flounder fishing is getting better.  The Old Grounds has been a go to spot, but crowded.  A and B buoy is producing as well as site 9, 10, and 11.  No surprises these are usually the hot spots.  Inland bay flounder fishing is slow, you have to put in some time for a keeper.  Same with the Lewes canal and Broadkill river.  Not saying you won’t catch but it has been difficult.  The charter and head boats are seeing some decent action.  Gulp and minnows are the baits of choice and some are doubling up and using both just to be sure.  Lot of peanut bunker, pinfish, and spot around the inland bays, which is competing with your bait.  Might explain why the fishing is slow around the inland bays with minnows and gulp.  Bowers beach and the Delaware Bay area up there is seeing some flounder action as well.


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Dallen Eastburn caught a few short striped bass near Masseys Landing

Striped bass shorts are all over Masseys Landing mostly near the rocks and under the lights at night.  Shad are running through there as well. you have to be there.  Short stripers are at the Indian River inlet hitting sand fleas, and so are the sheepshead.   Oceanic fishing pier in Ocean City Maryland had some monster bass come over the rail a few days ago.  There are shorts all around the fifty bridge.  Striped bass are also up north in the tributaries and creeks especially around bridges.  They are hitting sand fleas along rock piles use poppers, plugs, and rattletraps in the tidal creeks or the go to two ounce bucktail.   Slot season for the Delaware Bay and her tributaries Starts on Friday!  The season lasts until August 31 and includes the train bridge at the Lewes canal to the Roosevelt inlet as a tributary.  Canary Creek, Broadkill River, Roosevelt Inlet and all tributaries north as well as the Delaware Bay and River.  The creel is 20 – 25 inches and two fish per day per angler.  I like slot season for catching the smaller fish for eating.  Just remember the consumption advisories are for the Delaware Bay.  Look on the bright side at least it doesn’t look like Florida right now


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Stefan Talabisco with a nice kingfish from Cape Henlopen

Kingfish action is pretty hot at the beach.  Fishbites has been an easy bait to use but they are hitting everything including mullet rigs.  Big kingfish weighing a pound or over qualify for a citation.  Great way to get the kids a citation for the year.  They are either in the first trough which is right in front of you, or the second trough which is about fifty yards off shore for the most part.  Look for the first wave to swell up or lift up, where that happens is the edge of the sand bar.  Put your line right behind where that wave forms.  We have been catching a lot of quality kingfish.  If they are not large they are in the so so size.   If you see someone walk into the water and they are ten feet from shore in waist deep water,that is where the fish are and he is standing on them.  DO NOT WALK INTO THE WATER TO CAST!  You are standing on and scaring the fish you are trying to catch.   Not to mention you have about zero leverage to cast from that position.  If you want distance stand on the top of the sand above the drop, you will cast farther.


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Walt Hanwell with a Rabbit Fish puffer or smooth puffer he got about 10 miles out.

Some of the weirder fish are showing up.  Lot of monk fish being caught at the wrecks, they make a killer meal.  Puffers are in the rehoboth bay, you have to find them.  Hint … look for moving deep water along points of land.  Haven’t seen any pompano yet or lizard fish but that will happen soon enough I am sure.  Everything else was early this year. Some mackerel were caught not to far from here mixed in with bluefish.  We still have decent blues but the action is very random.  Just when you think they are gone they show back up.  This time in tidal creeks like Broadkill and Canary, you will need a boat and have to be there when it happens.

There have been some sizable flounder brought to the docks at Indian River Marina and Lewes Harbor Marina.  Sea bass action has been good while flounder fishing or vice versa.  Bluefish out on the wreck sites, and just schooling up and moving around.  Lot of bunker are moving along the beaches with dolphins blowing them up on occasion.  Fun to watch not much for helping the fishing.


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Clay and Grady with their tuna and mahi catches.

Offshore action has been hot for yellowfin tuna, mahi and big eyes.  There are a decent amount of mako and hammerheads out there too.  The warm water is moving into the Poormans from the Washington canyon.   From the looks of the maps it is headed to the Baltimore soon.  There have been some white marlin catches here and there.  The recent weather has made it difficult to get out there.  This weekend is looking very nice so I can imagine it will be a little crowded offshore.  Most of my friends are going offshore just to get away from the crowds.

Fourth of July is here already.  Everyone wanted the summer to get here and now it is, careful what we wish for, slow down and enjoy the summer.  Traffic is already bad so keep that in mind traveling. Have a great weekend and be safe.

Fish On!!

Rich King






Kevin Baldwin Hooked up
Kevin Baldwin Hooked up
Jim Davis Flounder at Bowers Beach
Jim Davis Flounder at Bowers Beach
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left to right Dennis Bower,Gregg Johnson, Doug Bower, and Tommy Kempski
Greg  Johnson 5.5 pound flounder
Greg Johnson 5.5 pound flounder



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