The No Vehicles Sign Is Back At Naval Crossing


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The no vehicles beyond this point sign is now in the correct location … Captain Steve Savidge

For the past there years there was a sign stating no vehicles beyond this point just north of Naval Jetty.  The last heavy storm removed that sign once again.  It is there to create an area for vehicles to turn around and allow access for pedestrians to fish.  I had several people ask why the sign was so far away from the jetty this weekend.  Several were saying the parks are taking away more drive on access, that is not true. Some are saying that the surfers petitioned to have the sign moved farther away.  That is not true either, the sign was put in the wrong place before the holiday weekend.  It was corrected the other night and is four hundred and seventy seven feet from the jetty.  I spoke with  Captain Steve Savidge, ” The sign was placed in the wrong location and that was corrected last night (Sunday). The sign is placed for pedestrian safety and to allow enough room for surf fishing vehicles to turn around. It has been there for last 3 years, moves slightly every year due to beach conditions. Sometimes the beach is narrow and the sign will be further North. Surfers did not petition to put the sign there. Was a safety issue with the increased number of pedestrians there.”

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The no vehicles beyond this point sign is now in the correct location … Captain Steve Savidge
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Hopefully this clears up any confusion about the sign, and it is good to see it was put in the correct location.  This area is still open to fishing just not driving on to fish.  You can walk on and fish.   By the way, in the off-season we fish on that beach, the walk on beaches, the town beaches, and everywhere between.  We just walk on and fish.  However summer time access is different, since so many people come to the beach the walk ons need space to fish..

Fish On!!

Rich King


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