Full Sturgeon Moon


Full Moon
Full Moon

Tonight is the Full Sturgeon Moon.  Given that name because this is the month sturgeon were the big catches on the Great Lakes and other major bodies of water during the month of August for North American tribes.  When the moon rises it appears reddish, especially if the sky is hazy which it usually is in August.  So some tribes gave it the name the Full Red Moon.  It is also known as the Green Corn Moon or Grain Moon, which it is also called in the southern hemisphere.  The names are similar because they are moons of the same season, and signify the same event.  In this case the harvesting of good crops.

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Always a good time fishing at the beach under a full moon.  You don’t even need a flashlight to see around your area.  It’s like a dark cloudy day, but a headlamp will help with baiting hooks or changing lures.  Some people prefer to fish before, after, or during a full moon.  It depends on what you are fishing for, fish that like or are drawn to light will be more active during a full moon.  Fish that don’t, like large striped bass, will be in the shadows, eating the fish that like to come out in the light.  Even fish, fish.  We should cool off nicely at night the next few days with lows in the seventies, which will add to the bonus of night fishing under a full moon.  Top water action in ponds will be fun.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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