Albies Are Hitting In Delaware


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Chad Shuman from Millerstown, PA with the false albacore he caught at Indian River Inlet on Tuesday.

This morning Denise Shuman sent us a picture of a false albacore caught at Indian River Inlet.  “We just got this near the Coast Guard station on a top water plug.  We thought there were bluefish blowing up on bait, turns out these other fish are chasing the little bluefish that are in here thick.  What kind of fish is this?”  I love these messages, now I am deciding whether to blow off painting the house today. and flying down to the inlet, or finishing today and tomorrow’s work and spending all day chasing albies tomorrow.  One of my bucket list fish for the surf.   Who am I kidding, work has been canceled for the rest of the week.   Get out there and fish, fall fishing is in full effect, and will just get better.  Work will always be there!   These are blast to catch top water works well, but metals like deadly dicks and silver stingers will work great.  You have to reel them really fast, it is some work, but a blast when an albie slams that lure.

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Fish on!

Rich King

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