Got Tautog?

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Mike Jordan’s tog from the Delaware Bay on Monday the 18th of June

Masseys landing is peaking to eighty four degrees and dropping to seventy two degrees between tides.  During the low tide is the highest temperature.  The surf is feeling balmy the upper seventies.  The Delaware Bay at the Outer wall is seventy one degrees at high tide.   The upper bay and river are hitting the low eighties.  The heat wave might calm down a bit after this monsoon goes by that just rocked my house.


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Tuna with 2 lines and hooks , two people had to reel in this one fish

The summer snappers are moving up and down the beaches and roaming the inland bays.  They are chasing the peanut bunker around the inland bays, and in some cases are a good food substitute for peanuts for not so picky  dolphins.  Even the predator can be the prey.  Flounder action is still slow around the inland bays. Lots throw backs when there is action.  Ii is what it is … even the best flounder pounders I know are shaking their heads.  The offshore action is still the best.  The lewes canal saw some decent flounder the other day with more speckled trout.

Lot of short striped bass and bluefish under the lights at the Indian river inlet.  Sand fleas are working good for the stripers, the bluefish will hit spoons and just about anything you throw at them.  Shad action is decent with darts and small spoons.  Throw a handful of sand fleas into the rocks and get the fish excited.  Then throw a flea in on a hook and wait for it.

A few keeper tautog were caught in the Delaware Bay.  The boys said the Asian box crabs worked the best.  They didn’t touch the green crabs or sand fleas.  The water temperature according to the boat was 68.9 degrees.  That is as close as I am getting to location and time of day.

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Tony Mancini, Mike Waller, Chris Sennis with a load of tuna from Masseys
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Offshore action is on fire chunking butterfish. Chris Sennis and his boys said the fish were hitting two chunks at a time over the weekend.  “We slayed em at Masseys. Using 30lb. Mono leaders while chunking. Check out the single fish picture. He ate the Bait on two of our lines. Essentially, two of us reeled in the same fish  ”

The beaches were deserted today compared to the weekend.  Mondays are the best with a hundred yards or more between vehicles until the late morning into noon..  They will be worse by Wednesday.  This time of year, it gets crowded.  On the weekends try to go early morning when the fish are waking and start feeding. Surf fish until you see two vehicles come on the beach at the same time, then pack up and go home before the roads get crazy.  That is when you go find a nice quiet out of the way pond or cove and relax in kayak or boat for the rest of the day.  Other option is go about six or seven at night and fish all night it is much cooler out then and you will catch.

Fish On!!

Rich King

Tide at Indian River Inlet

07/18 Mon 01:58 AM 0.48 L
07/18 Mon 08:03 AM 2.47 H
07/18 Mon 01:35 PM 0.23 L
07/18 Mon 08:38 PM 3.23 H
07/19 Tue 02:36 AM 0.37 L
07/19 Tue 08:47 AM 2.54 H
07/19 Tue 02:17 PM 0.12 L
07/19 Tue 09:18 PM 3.3 H


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