Weekend Is Going To Be Much Cooler


Juvenile Thresher Shark,cape henlopen state park, delaware, sussex county, shark attack
Juvenile Thresher Shark caught in the surf by Nunzio Roca

More new fish to add to the list for the summer.  Small thresher sharks are hitting in the surf.  Rumor has it a large thresher shark breached in front of a lot of swimmers at Cape Henlopen State Park over the weekend and caused quite a stir.  Redfish are around the Assawoman bay.  Lot of bluefish in the surf, small but fun to catch.  Something is following the bluefish schools and eating them, might want to live line one and see what happens.  Kingfish action is good in Delaware Seashore State Park.  Early mornings have been the best fishing and easiest on the angler.  The heat has been brutal.  West wind on Wednesday made the flies unbearable.  Not as bad as Saturday, but bad enough to chase people off the beach.  We are getting a reprieve from the heat over the weekend with cool nights in the low seventies.  Add that to the full moon and night fishing should be awesome.  High tide tomorrow is at 9:51 AM for the Indian River Inlet.  Early morning incoming tide into the outgoing tide until the bugs or crowd gets too bad.  Traffic is already bad … it’s August.

Ronald Newswanger dives the Indian River Inlet on occasion. This is one of his dives along what looks like an old bridge section.


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flounder, delaware, sussex county, indian river bay, rehoboth bay
Matt Adams, my first flounder from the kayak.

The water temperatures are topping out to eighty-four degrees at Masseys Landing.    The Delaware Bay is in the low eighties and so is the surf.  The fish don’t seem to mind, but the flounder fishing is much better offshore with ling and sea bass in the mix.  The inland bays has been slow, it is what it is.  Croaker action is great around the bays, Lewes canal, the Cape Henlopen Fishing Pier, the piers in ocean city, and the surf.  They are mostly small fish, but there are some larger ones.  Broadkill river is loaded with them at Oyster Rocks, and lots of small striped bass.  Spot are all over the inland bays mixed in with the croaker, mostly around hard bottom or mussel beds.  Best way to find them is drag a bank sinker along the bottom, when it feels like it is crossing a cheese grater you found a mussel bed.   The flounder action is sporadic for the inland bays but people are catching keepers.  Gulp has been good drifting or jigging, even just plain no scent soft plastics jigged so they mimic movement.  Minnows are always a good choice and there is a lot of mullet around the bays.  The tidal creeks up north are loaded with bigger cob sized mullet.  Peanut bunker are abundant around the inland bays.   If you catch a sea robin use that for bait if you aren’t going to eat it.

Masseys Landing , usgs survey data, masseys ditch, delaware, sussex county, heat wave
Masseys Landing heat wave

Bluefish action around the Delaware Bay and offshore look for birds working schools of fish.  The wrecks are seeing a lot of weakfish in the spike size but there have been some keepers.  Croaker, trigger, small sea bass, dogfish, skates, and small sharks are all hitting top and bottom rigs.  Squid is the bait of choice for most of the head boats.  You can use a variety of baits, or go with the artificials like bloodworms.   Bigger sharks are all over the area, doesn’t take much to catch a large sand tiger less than a half a mile from the beaches.   Lot of dusky and sandbars being caught. For that matter doesn’t take much to catch one from the beach.

Last night’s storm coming across Rehoboth bay


kids fishing, take a kid outdoors, no kid left behind, delaware, sussex county, surf fishing kids, beach,
Nunzio Roca waiting for a fish to hit, we all know that look.

Kids make better memories outdoors than indoors.  Nunzio Roca was out with his family at Herring Point beach in Cape Henlopen State park.  He just got into surf fishing and is getting the hang of it with a little help from his parents.  He got rigged up, cast his line out there, and he sat there all day holding that rod waiting for a hit on that mullet rig.  Hoping for a bluefish or whatever.  He did not expect to catch a small thresher shark.  Great that he got to experience that thrill, with a lesson.  This is not a prohibited species so they could work the shark in the surf line and put it back into the water.  They released the shark as fast as possible.  A great lesson in care for the fish first.  They kept this shark in the wet sand along the water’s edge, removed the hook and put the shark back in the water immediately.  Good lesson for Nunzio to learn and see up close and personal.  How to carefully handle a larger fish, and in this case one as long as he is tall.  Especially one that can grow to over five hundred pounds.  No one expects to catch what they aimed for, we hope we do, but there is always a different fish in the sea.  How you handle that fish once you have to release it is what makes the difference, teach them the right way from the get go about the let go.   Now Nunzio is hooked on fishing and it is all he wants to do.  Can’t say that I blame him, I think all of us can relate to that.  When I was his age everyday after school I was at the farm pond across the field, fishing until I had to be dragged home.    


redfish, channel bass, red drum, puppy drum, assawoma bay, delaware, sussex county
Joel Eckert …. Just started saltwater fishing in Del. on vacation, what kind of fish is this?

Another cool catch, Joel Eckert was fishing the Assawaoman bay and caught a small redfish, or puppy drum, or channel bass, depending on  where you  live.  Either way it was a small red drum.  For a couple of years they were popping up in the surf, and then that slowed down to next to nothing.  We saw a nice one over the slot limit size caught last year near the outer wall.  A few were caught during the crazy, insane bluefish run last year at the Indian River Inlet.  The Coastal Helicopter LLC service  in North Carolina has been flying near Rodanthe, and is taking great aerials of big red drum schools.  Would be nice to see that fishery come back in this area.  These days it is once in a while when these are caught.  The smaller ones do like grassy marsh areas and the inland bays are perfect for that.  They are out there you just have to find them or luck out and happen upon them.  Look for them tailing in shallow waters near grassy shorelines and mud banks.

croaker, oyster rocks road, delaware, sussex county, broadkill river
James and Jimmy Swatski with a croaker for the All Species Fishing Tournament. Jimmy caught a shirt striped bass.

We have been getting a lot of pictures of kids fishing.  It is great to see the next generation take an interest in the outdoors.   The kids are having a blast, while learning to respect nature.  Not everyone likes to fish, I don’t know why, but some don’t.  There are plenty of things you can do with your kids aside from fishing in the outdoors.  Just hanging out at one of the state parks is always fun, there is plenty to do.  The lack of people’s respect for the outdoors is directly related to the amount of time they spend outdoors appreciating nature.  People are just too busy with their everyday lives, and glued to their phones.  It even took a video game, Pokemon Go, to get people outdoors more.  So we decided to come up with a way to combine all of that to help get people outdoors more.  We have teamed up with Techno Goober to host the first ever Pokemon Go Fishing Tournament.  All you need is your phone, and the desire to have some fun with your kids.  We will have more details next week, just keep Saturday September 10th open.

Fish On!!

Rich King

Indian River Inlet Tide …

08/18 Thu 04:13 AM -0.08 L
08/18 Thu 09:52 AM 5.46 H
08/18 Thu 04:16 PM -0.17 L
08/18 Thu 10:16 PM 6.59 H
08/19 Fri 04:55 AM -0.24 L
08/19 Fri 10:38 AM 5.75 H
08/19 Fri 05:04 PM -0.26 L
08/19 Fri 11:01 PM 6.59 H







Ocean City Inlet Tide …  

08/18 Thu 02:14 AM 0.22 L
08/18 Thu 08:21 AM 2.34 H
08/18 Thu 02:15 PM -0.06 L
08/18 Thu 08:57 PM 2.79 H
08/19 Fri 02:55 AM 0.13 L
08/19 Fri 09:11 AM 2.46 H
08/19 Fri 03:03 PM -0.08 L
08/19 Fri 09:41 PM 2.82 H






Bowers Beach … Murderkill River

08/18 Thu 04:13 AM -0.08 L
08/18 Thu 09:52 AM 5.46 H
08/18 Thu 04:16 PM -0.17 L
08/18 Thu 10:16 PM 6.59 H
08/19 Fri 04:55 AM -0.24 L
08/19 Fri 10:38 AM 5.75 H
08/19 Fri 05:04 PM -0.26 L
08/19 Fri 11:01 PM 6.59 H







Woodland Beach … 

08/18 Thu 05:15 AM 0.13 L
08/18 Thu 10:44 AM 6.34 H
08/18 Thu 05:20 PM 0.2 L
08/18 Thu 10:58 PM 7.25 H
08/19 Fri 06:00 AM 0.03 L
08/19 Fri 11:27 AM 6.51 H
08/19 Fri 06:10 PM 0.17 L
08/19 Fri 11:42 PM 7.25 H

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