Burtons Pond Permanently Closed To Public


Burtons Pond
Burtons Pond

No this is not a repeat of the fall article. I hate to be the bearer of such bad news, but due to an insurance issue Mr Burton can no longer allow the public to use the pond.   He sent a message to Rich Cordeux today.  Rich has been helping keep the area clean, and organizing clean ups since the the last issue with litter.  That has nothing to do with this closure.  “Richard I wanted to let you know that our previous insurance company drop us and our new insurance company will not allow people (public) to use the pond anymore. We had to put no trespassing signs up, sorry about that.  Some things may change down the road, but now I have to ask people to stay off. THANKS for all your help! ”  … Mr Burton  This also includes the area along the road.  The entire pond is closed to the public.


Burtons pond, delaware, sussex county, route 24
Burtons pond posted signs form this fall are now back in place
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Burtons pond is located next to route 24 above Angola and below Long Neck.  People have been fishing there for years, and many just like to kayak.  Maybe Mr. Burton will be able to reopen it at some point.  That is a great pond to fish, look on the bright side if it opens back up in a year or so, the fish will just be bigger.  We need the state to work on more parks with ponds and less parking lots.

Fish On!

Rich King

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