Update On The Humpback Whale At Port Wilmington


Whale at Port WIlmington, delaware, new castle county
Whale at Port Wilmington .. photo by Trini Dadian

Trini Dadian kept me updated  all day with the whale at Port Wilmington.  Every once in a while i would get a video of the progress of the whale’s removal.  The Coast Guard, DNREC, and the fire companies eventually showed up.  Biologists got into the water with the whale to hook up some lines to to it.  Then they hooked it up to the crane and pulled it out of the water.  Sounds simple enough right.  The commentary on the some of the videos Trini sent are priceless.  I shared the video below on the Facebook page.  I might edit the others he sent in.   The last line was … “Coming at you live for a DSF exclusive.”

Trini … Hey man I will keep you up to date.

Me … Thank you, I am all jammed up with a Punkin Chunkin presentation at Milton Elementary School.

Trini … Coast Guard and DNREC are here now and the fire department just showed up.

Me … Is  it on fire?

Trini … No, but it smells like burnt ____

Me … Haaaahaaaahaaahaaa … Nasty!! … Okay, thanks keep me posted.

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Trini … They just asked us to use the mobile crane to pick it up.  I’ll get back up with you.

Trini … The biologists poked it to let the gases out. Then the smell started to really pick up. We hauled it over so the crane could hook up.  Once it was a good ten feet off the water, those holes the biologists made dumped all the guts out in one shot.  That my friend was a smell I will not soon forget.

Me … Thanks Trini!  Go get a shower and have a cold beer!

The whale was identified as a twenty two and half ton humpback whale.  What caused it to wash up is unknown at this time.  There were ropes and a float wrapped around the tail, but we do not know if that was the cause.  That debris could have been picked up anywhere. The fact a whale floated that far up the Delaware River unnoticed is strange.  The internet as usual has their own theories.  Aliens or any political candidate has not been blamed, but we are waiting, and the night is young.

Fish On!

Rich King

Video of the whale being removed from the water.

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