False Silver Stripe Half Beaks Off The Beach In Delaware


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Ballyhoo caught in a castnet at Broadkill Beach … James Swatski

No really, you can’t make that up, right now there are big schools of ballyhoo off Broadkill beach with weakfish blowing up on them.  It is a sight to see, the fact the bait fish are ballyhoo is also odd.  James Swatski is catching ballyhoo in his cast net and the fish are eating them like crazy.  If you are an offshore angler you might want to get out there with a cast net, but then again this weather isn’t going to make the offshore fishing too easy.  Getting out there will be the issue the next few days with all of this storm surge, which might be why there are ballyhoo off broadkill beach.  There are mahi mahi in as close as the Old Grounds and Lightship.  You just have to get out there.  The flounder action is still hot and there is a lot of seabass offshore.

 I wrote this report last night and this part didn’t publish, I blame mediacom.  Instead the rough draft posted …   The “Ballyhoo” are actually false silver stripe half beaks, which are in the same family or genus as Ballyhoo.  Sorry for any confusion, the entire article didn’t post which is weird to say the least, then the internet crashed and we couldn’t get back into the site until this morning. 

Today was the last day of tautog season.  (August 31)


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puppy drum, black drum, delaware, sussex county
Chuck Ward with a puppy drum from the surf.

Before the storm surge showed up, we had a lot of small black drum or puppy drum in the surf.  They are the same small ones that always show up around eight inches long.  They are hitting squid, fishbites, and small sand fleas on top and bottom rigs.   Decent weakfish action is around the surf and some are in the keeper size.  Lot of weakfish have been hitting along the bulkhead at the Coast Guard station at night.  You can avoid the surge at Cape Henlopen State Park, and some fish are hitting up there. Mostly kingfish and bluefish has been the best action.  That will change by the weekend.  Hopefully the point opens tomorrow, but there was an issue parks had with protecting those plants.  We will see the first thing in the morning, when we go out there to fish.  Stay safe this weekend, always good to prepare for the worst and hope for the least.  Personally I am hoping the storm changes paths or dissipates.  I want to fish the point.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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