Cooler Weather Makes For Better Fishing


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Masseys Landing temperature chart from the past week. USGS survey.  High temp is low tide, low temp is top of high tide.

The water temperatures have dropped a little thanks to this milder weather.  You can actually enjoy fishing in the mid afternoon now.  Totally digging the cooler nights and so is my power bill.  The ditch (masseys) dropped five degrees over the last few days, almost a degree each tide change.  Now it is fluctuating between seventy-eight and seventy-three degrees.  The low temperature is at the top high tide and high temperature at the bottom of low tide.    The Delaware Bay from Lewes to Cape May is around seventy-eight degrees and so is the surf.  Obviously that changes with the tides, this has been the average.   Best way to tell Delaware bay temperatures is when you are out there, you can look on the NOAA charts, but by the time you get near the buoy that measures the temperature, it has already changed, the water moves really fast in the Delaware Bay.


juvenile striped bass, augustinebeach, delaware, kent county, delaware river, salem 1, rockfish
Juvenile striped bass at Augustine Beach … Nick Chieffo
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Up north near Augustine beach there is a huge amount of juvenile fish as well as some small croaker and white perch and short striped bass action.  Woodland Beach pier is seeing the same action with some huge catfish to boot.  Nick Chieffo was checking his crab pots near Augustine Beach. ” I caught 3 blue fish, 2 needle fish, 2 flounder, 3 croaker and 5 baby stripers in my crab traps today. Been crabbing here for 7 years and I’ve never seen so may juveniles like this. Very exciting to see things are reproducing in numbers. Still waiting on the black drum. I usually catch a few black drum this time a year in my traps ”   Nick you are in luck because there a lot of small black drum all over the inland bays.  You have to fish near structure to catch them.  Bloodworms, or peeler crab is usually the best baits.  Most of these are just above juvenile sizes, and nowhere near keepers but a few nice ones have been caught. The creel on black drum is 16 inches statewide.  There have been some decent ones caught farther up the bay with sheepshead in the mix all hitting sand fleas.  Decent sheepshead around the Delaware Bay, fish structure.


blyuefish, 3rs, delaware seashore state park, delaware, sussex county, yellow eyed devil. women fish too,
Melina Jones with bluefish at 3Rs the other day

The best catches in the surf are kingfish and bluefish.  Kings are hitting top and bottom rigs with squid, fishbites, bloodworms, or sand fleas.  Everyday one works better than the other, I guess because who wants to eat the same thing everyday?   Bluefish are hitting mullet rigs and cut squid on surf rigs.  They are decent sized summer snapper blues.  A few pompano are still showing up here and there, that is hit or miss.  Of course you can always target skates, rays, dogfish, and sharks.  If you can’t catch any of these you aren’t fishing, even people who faux fish will hook into these once in a while, so long as they have hook on that line.  In some cases they get their gear dragged into Davey Jones’ locker for not paying attention.

Offshore action is still best for flounder at the Old grounds and site nine and ten were a hot spots during the tournament.  Probably stripped out by now.  There have been some decent sea bass catches out there as well.  Mahi mahi are all over the clear waters chasing bunker schools.  People have been hooking up consistently. Rob Wolhar landed a citation mah mahi on his jet ski the other day.  The jet ski anglers have been putting in some serious time in the open water and having a blast.  Fishing all over offshore these days and doing well.  If you ever want to get into jet ski fishing look up the Delaware Jet Ski anglers on Facebook they will be happy to help you out with advice.  They are always looking for people to take trips.  You need some serious gear to do the offshore jet ski fishing, inshore like the harbor of safe refuge and inland bays is a piece of cake.

What fishing is all about, getting the kids started and excited early on gives them respect for the environment and a love for the outdoors … 


Flounder, sea bass, lobster,  spearfishing, delaware, sussex county, site 9, site 10, old grounds
Flounder, sea bass and lobster caught spear fishing off shore.

We are looking at a nice weekend, with mild temperatures.  Friday will be west winds but will switch to northwest later in the day, so the flies could be an issue, as well as today out of the southwest.  Saturday and Sunday are northeast winds with heavier waves up to four feet from storm surges off the coast.  Surfers are excited, hopefully the winds cooperate for them.  The next couple of days are nice calm ocean days.  The water clarity on the southern beaches is crystal blueish green and at the Indian river inlet.   Cape Henlopen is clear but silted up or sandy because of the way the currents move sand off of the bars up there.  From the air you can really see how the sand moves up and down that coastline.


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Citation Mahi in the foot well of Rob Wolhar’s jet ski

Croaker action is hot around the inland bays but they are small, with some keepers here and there and the keepers are small.  Spot are mixed in as well, just find some hard bottom or mussel beds and you will find the croaker.  Sea robins are in the bays too, great to eat or use for flounder bait.  The Cape Henlopen pier has been seeing some decent action according to the boys at the lighthouse View bait and tackle shop …   “Saw a few flounder today with several keepers up to 20 inches or so. The usual ton of small croakers are out there. Some nice sized Spot mixed in but not as many as we should be catching. Paul Hazzard stopped by and fished for an hour, catching croakers, spot, and kingfish on Fishbites. One of the other regulars reported small stripers and 15 inch trout under the lights at night using shiners. Not a lot of big fish but a lot of fish. Good time to take a kid fishing! ”  Great advice for the family, the shop rents rods if you need one to fish.  Everyone have a great weekend.

Fish On!!

Rich King





Indian River Inlet tide …

08/25 Thu 02:33 AM 2.61 H
08/25 Thu 08:19 AM 0.13 L
08/25 Thu 03:29 PM 3.12 H
08/25 Thu 09:25 PM 0.46 L
08/26 Fri 03:42 AM 2.51 H
08/26 Fri 09:24 AM 0.2 L
08/26 Fri 04:40 PM 3.15 H
08/26 Fri 10:35 PM 0.46 L
08/27 Sat 04:54 AM 2.48 H
08/27 Sat 10:30 AM 0.22 L
08/27 Sat 05:46 PM 3.21 H
08/27 Sat 11:40 PM 0.4 L
08/28 Sun 06:01 AM 2.53 H
08/28 Sun 11:34 AM 0.18 L
08/28 Sun 06:46 PM 3.28 H
08/29 Mon 12:36 AM 0.31 L
08/29 Mon 07:00 AM 2.63 H
08/29 Mon 12:32 PM 0.12 L
08/29 Mon 07:38 PM 3.32 H
08/30 Tue 01:27 AM 0.22 L
08/30 Tue 07:52 AM 2.72 H
08/30 Tue 01:25 PM 0.07 L
08/30 Tue 08:25 PM 3.32 H
08/31 Wed 02:12 AM 0.15 L
08/31 Wed 08:39 AM 2.81 H
08/31 Wed 02:13 PM 0.05 L
08/31 Wed 09:06 PM 3.28 H
Ocean City Inlet tide …
08/25 Thu 01:52 AM 2.42 H
08/25 Thu 07:56 AM 0.27 L
08/25 Thu 02:53 PM 2.71 H
08/25 Thu 08:56 PM 0.57 L
08/26 Fri 02:58 AM 2.34 H
08/26 Fri 08:55 AM 0.33 L
08/26 Fri 04:10 PM 2.74 H
08/26 Fri 10:02 PM 0.62 L
08/27 Sat 04:07 AM 2.32 H
08/27 Sat 09:58 AM 0.37 L
08/27 Sat 05:19 PM 2.8 H
08/27 Sat 11:06 PM 0.61 L
08/28 Sun 05:13 AM 2.35 H
08/28 Sun 11:01 AM 0.37 L
08/28 Sun 06:17 PM 2.85 H
08/29 Mon 12:05 AM 0.57 L
08/29 Mon 06:11 AM 2.4 H
08/29 Mon 12:01 PM 0.34 L
08/29 Mon 07:08 PM 2.88 H
08/30 Tue 12:56 AM 0.5 L
08/30 Tue 07:03 AM 2.45 H
08/30 Tue 12:55 PM 0.3 L
08/30 Tue 07:54 PM 2.87 H
08/31 Wed 01:43 AM 0.45 L
08/31 Wed 07:51 AM 2.5 H
08/31 Wed 01:44 PM 0.27 L
08/31 Wed 08:34 PM 2.83 H



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