Traffic In Lewes Will Be Heavy This Weekend

little creek fire company, saluting the fallen, respect, first responders, 82strong
Little Creek Fire Company saluting the procession. Every bridge over route 1 had a crew on it yesterday. There were also crews on every bridge when Tim was escorted north. photo from the Little Creek Fire company facebook page

Yesterday the Body of fallen Delaware volunteer firefighter Tim McClananhan was escorted from Wilmington to Lewes by 82 apparatuses. He was a member of the Lewes Fire Department, he died in a training accident. This weekend are the services in Lewes. Traffic will be rough Saturday and Sunday. Please be mindful of that and keep calm. This traffic back up will be because a man is being honored by his family, his friends, and his brothers and sisters of the Delaware First Responders. So slow it down, calm it down, and be respectful. Remember these are the people that run into trouble when we are all running away. They run into burning buildings, jump into the worst conditions and situations with nothing but the thought of saving lives, one day that could be your life.

The escort yesterday was amazing, watching 82 apparatuses come by sirens blaring was very moving. Tim McClanahan was a good man and like all first responders, a hero to many he has saved. Everyday I thank first responders for what they do because I see it all the time. Watching the procession yesterday and knowing as many first responders as I do. It is a brotherhood that many do not understand, but we should all respect.

lewes fire department
Tim McClanahan’s Turnout gear at the Lewes Station

Below is the schedule, this will create some seriously backed up traffic. Just sit back and let it ride, this is deserved on many levels.  Also local restaurants and bars better be ready.  There is going to be a lot of people in Lewes.

Full Firemans funeral for Lewes Fire Department Member Tim McClanahan will be as follows:
Viewing – Saturday July 16th 6-9 p.m. Parsell Funeral Home 16961 Kings Hwy

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Viewing – Sunday July 17th 12-3 p.m. Cape Henlopen High School 1250 Kings Hwy Use Savannah Rd entrance

Funeral Mass – Sunday July 17th 3 p.m. Cape Henlopen High School 1250 Kings Hwy Use Savannah Rd entrance

Final Alarm Procession – Sunday July 17th immediately following mass

Reception – Sunday July 17th immediately following services Lewes Fire Department Station 2, 32198 Janice Rd

Departments are limited to 1 piece of apparatus due to expected attendance, space, and traffic impact.

May he rest in peace.

Rich King



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