Waterspout On The Upper Bay


waterspout, delaware, sussex county, bay,
Water spout, Liston’s point near Salem Power Plant … photo by Jeremy Delinois

You never know what you are going to see when you work on the water all day. Commercial crabbers and fishermen get up before the crack of dawn to head out and tend pots, set nets, or whatever thier job requires.  They go out in the best to the worst weather, their job requires constant attention especially if you are soaking crab pots.  They have to be tended by law, but also because the pots are full and when the bait is gone the crabs will leave.  No sense in just feeding them.  This morning was just another day for  Jeremy Delinois. They headed out to check the crab pots and there was a water spout in the distance.  So what do you do when you see that “We go check the pots, they aren’t going to check themselves.”    Some days are smooth sailing and other days it rough waters and heavy storms.  Watermen work in some of the worst conditions because that is part of the job.  The next time you are eating anything that was caught by a commercial watermen think of the things they go through to get their catch to your dinner plate.

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