Tree Blocking Assawoman Canal

UPDATE ….  As of 1 PM the tree has been removed by parks  …… 


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Assawoman Canal is blocked near the Ocean View Marina by this tree … Photo from Sam Ellis

A tree fell across Assawoman canal last night and the top landed on a pontoon boat.  Witnesses say there is no gas leaking into the water as far as they could tell.  DNREC has been alerted.  Sam Ellis ” I don’t know if this happened overnight or if it’s been there a few days, but the Assawoman Canal is blocked near the Ocean View Marina between the marina and the bridge. This is at pretty low tide and i was just barely able to go under it in my kayak this morning.”   Other folks posting on Facebook said they were in that area as late as 4 PM yesterday and didn’t see this tree.  This must have happened during one of the overnight storms.

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Assawoman canal … Ryan Hagerty

Recently we were alerted about the low water near Fresh Pond and contacted DNREC.  Charles Williams from DNREC,  ” We are aware of the shoaling at the confluence of the canal and the Bethany Loop Canal.  We are currently working on obtaining the necessary federal and State permit approvals to perform maintenance dredging in the canal from White Creek to Route 26 via mechanical dredge method”

 This weekend Ryan Hagerty took a trip through the canal and back.  ” We took Assawoman Canal from Ocean View to Fenwick and back. It was a great ride overall, but I suggest during higher tides, especially in a bigger boat. In our 19.5 ft Sea Pro, it took us 50 minutes from the ocean view marina to Harpoon Hannah’s. I suggest to be aware of various sticks floating in the water and you may have to dodge some low hanging tree branches. The water ranged from 2 ft – 4.5 ft for most of the trip, however, there is a low area around the Salt Pond that dropped to 1.3 – 1.5 ft, but we were able to coast over it. “

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