Fall Fishing Is Upon Us


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Corby Fulton measuring a bluefish

Sorry everyone it has been a minute.  A huge shout out to Techno Goober for once again fixing my blown up computer.  I tend to wear these things out.  We were barely able to get online the last several days as well.  I’m about to give Samsung a new headache with a whole new phone fire due to blowing up my hot spot so much on my S7, the ones not having issues.  By the way Mediacom, we are going to have a little chat this week, you owe me many hours of my life back, loss of work time, and some of my sanity.  Seriously, they are like the weatherman of the cable industry, works well only part of the time, but still gets paid.


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Dune forming around a truck on the beach Sunday morning.

The tenth annual DMS tournament was a blast to watch, literally if you stepped out of the vehicle.  I rode around with Corby Fulton on both days while he judged.  I was much happier in a vehicle than out in the elements.  The participants especially on Sunday were hardcore.  Fishing in thirty mile per hour sustained winds.  Blowing so much sand down the beaches that is was forming dunes around vehicles up to three feet high.  Fish were still hitting on Sunday and even that nice keeper striped bass was landed.  I also found more buoys than I have ever found in one day and filled Corby’s truck.  Every time we made a trip down the beach there was more junk in his truck.  Congrats to the winners and the participants of this years tournament.  That is some serious gnarly weather fishing.  The type you want in November when the striped bass are running.

The results of the DMS tournament … 
1st place- Drew Stuchlik
2nd place- Ted Click
3rd place- Carl Koehn
4th place- Shaun Smith
Women’s Division
1st place- Anita Chandler
2nd place- Amy Ferguson
3rd place -Allison Stuart
Youth Division
1st place Jace Griffith (16th place overall)
Largest Fish- JR Griffith $750.00
Blue Fish Calcutta- Amy Ferguson $1860.00


dead deer on beach, delaware, sussex county, cape henlopen state park,
Sand covering a deer carcass on the beach, by noon Sunday only a horn was visible and we have a new dune.

The fishing has picked right back up after Hurricane Mathew left us alone.  The water temperatures have plummeted which would explain why the striped bass are all excited.  Masseys landing hit a low of fifty eight degrees the other day and has gone back up to sixty four degrees, and dropping to sixty two.   The first temperature drop from the storm was ten degrees in one tide cycle.  That will trigger your fall fish into a feeding frenzy.  Striped bass are schooling up all over Delaware waters and feeding heavily.  The action on bucktails and swim shads is great.  In the back bays of the inland bays once you find a school of rockfish, small poppers will work well too.  Lot of fun on light gear.  The route 50 bridge in Ocean City has been hot.  There are up to thirty inch striped bass in some of these schools up and down the coast and inter tidal creeks and waterways.  Way up north in the New York to Rhode Island area large schooling bass are giving anglers some great action.  Get the gear ready!  Phase one of the fall run has begun, the striped bass are schooling.  Hopefully the 2011 year class joins the migration this year, that should boost the migratory numbers.

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Tautog action has picked back up, once the boats could get back out.  As usual Katydid is loading the boat on her trips out.   decent sheepshead action with a few triggers here and there in the mix.  The outer and inner walls,haystacks, wreck and reef sites all have decent action.  The Delaware Bay water is around sixty four degrees from Lewes to Cape May and as far up as Brandywine shoals,  according to the NOOA buoys.  The upper bay at Delaware city is sixty six degrees.  Lot of decent bluefish action you just have to find the birds around the bays.


assateague island,red drum fishing, surf fishing, maryland, ocean city, bull reds, drum stone, kingfish heads
Bull red drum caught at Assateague by Aron Weiner last week.

The surf has been hot for small bluefish hitting mullet rigs or cut mullet.  Short striped bass are in the wash and first wave you can see them swim by.  You can also wade  out to the second sand bar and get some decent action or just cast that far.  The second bar is in closer thanks to Hurricane Mathew.  That will change up in a couple of weeks.  In the mean time you can walk the beaches and cast white power baits (swim shads) and hammer short striped bass.  Small black drum are hitting bloodworms and fishbites.  The action here is the same at Assateague except for the big bull red drum.  Kingfish action is slowing down but they are still hitting.  The heads make excellent bait for bull reds, the rest makes a great fish sandwich.  Some flounder action in the surf, jigging for them in the cuts and the large trough that is in front at high tide.  Low tide they are on the other side of the second sand bar.


blue clawcrab, inland bays, delaware, sussex county, long neck, pot nets, paradise grill, jimmies, steamed crabs
Bob Marcotte says this is why he is still crabbing the inland bays.

Crabbing is still good around the inland bays with pots and even trot lines.  The crabs are moving slower due to cooler water, but are feeding heavily for that winter nap.  Clamming is excellent at low tide, we still have some issues with cloudy water from all the run off, Cupola park is still flooding at high tide.  That is due to the excess runoff from the ponds above.  Speaking of which we have been hammering pickerel on mepps, love that action on light gear in the kayak.  They will of course hit anything shiny, but the ponds are all stirred up so shiny is good.  Fall crank bait season for bass is upon us, and they are still hitting top water and buzzbaits.

If you are heading to the Cape Henlopen fishing pier, the shop there will only be open on the weekends now, Friday through Sunday.  Just a heads up if you need bait and gear, get it before you get to the park.

Fish On!

Rich King



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