Goose On The Loose In Lewes


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Goose at sea … photo sent to us but we can’t find the name of the photographer

It was a typical fourth of July weekend for the Shewell crew.  They were all set up to surf fish and enjoy the day at the beach in Cape Henlopen State Park.  The family goose was  tied to its land anchor.  The kids were having a fun time in the surf  playing with the goose, jumping on its back and head.  There was a nice offshore breeze but not enough to bring up the flies, but enough for someone else’s plans.  Little did they know escape had always been on the goose’s mind.  He was able to gander at the wide open, seas but couldn’t make them, held back by his land anchor, and fears.  He was hoping one day he could break free, maybe this fourth of July would be his Independence Day.


Our Goose ... Sharon Shewell
Our Goose … Sharon Shewell

Sharon Shewell posted on Facebook
“The story of the goose on the loose.  
We had fun with the goose for a while then he swam away,
someone tried to swim out and save him, but failed.
He was gone for 3 hours floating out to sea, and then we saw a boat go by with our goose

 I happen to know the guy who owns the boat that picked up the goose. We watched the whole incident from Herring Point beach.  This goose was headed out to sea, then Greg comes by in his boat, circles, picks it up and heads towards Roosevelt Inlet.  We had a few pictures of the goose off the coast sent to the Facebook page.  Couple of more pictures and it would have been trending. This week I decided to go looking for the goose in Lewes.


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Goose on the boat, heading to its new life.
Goose on the boat, heading to its new life.

They are a great family, but I got my freedom.  It scared me at first but now I have something I always wanted.  I was just sitting along the edge of the surf and it happened, I don’t know when or how, but it happened and all of a sudden I was free-floating and the wind was pushing me out farther than I had ever been.  I was FREE!   Then they started swimming after me, I wanted to kick my legs but that was not an option with my model.  I had to rely on my flotation skills, the wind, and hope.  They turned around, I was too far out to sea, I made it … free, free at last!   I remember thinking it would be a great time back in my home factory with all the kids where I was created in China.  I didn’t know what I was going to do and it started to scare me a bit.  Right about then this big boat circled me and scooped me up.  Next thing you know I’m scrubbing barnacles off boats at some backwater marina and they only thing to eat is marsh hay.  I miss the beach days with the family, but I wouldn’t give this freedom up for the world.  Some days living like a pirate has its advantages.    

Freedom comes with a price no matter how you look at it.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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