Pokemon Go Is Invading Delaware Beaches


pokemon go, delaware, sussex county, pokemon characters at the beach
Janet Babic playing Pokemon Go at IRI

Well it had to happen sooner or later.  As you probably know last week the Pokemon Go app was launched and since then more and more people are running around following their phones,aimlessly.  The news reported some people were robbed by a group setting up “lures” to get people to come to a location, not in Delaware.  On a good note the app is getting more and more people to go outdoors.  Parents are actually thrilled that a video game got their kids off the couch.  So it is no surprise to see people wandering around the Indian River inlet and the beaches today chasing Pokemon characters.  I saw two people almost walk into the rail and one guy hit the wall and tripped.  My friends on Facebook keep posting updates of the things they just did to get a character.  Like running across a busy road to get one.

The conspiracy theories online about the CIA and this being the best way to spy on people are unreal.  But in a way rightfully so, since Pokemon Go uses a lot of real time info from your phone.  More than most applications, and it harvests a lot of information as you travel.  Your location and everyone’s around you is recorded.  Real time video and pictures is one thing but the app is collecting a lot of data that is connected to Google.  No surprise there, an app to do what this one does will need all of that information. What the company that owns that information does with it should be the main concern.

delaware, pokemon go, sussex county, indian river inlet
They keep showing up in my beer! Rob Schumacher
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If you don’t want that info out there don’t play and be careful what info you make available online.  Some of my friends activated the game just to mess with the characters.  I have seen a dozen of them in beer mugs and other funny locations.  Even a few compromising positions.  No surprise to see people finding them at the beach the last few days.  It just seems like I see more and more people wandering around aimlessly looking at their phones.

I am almost to the point of starting a contest for the largest or rarest one caught on a Delaware Beach.  If anyone has a good idea for this let me know.  I don’t plan on playing, so I won’t be up to speed on the game.  But right now there are Pokemon characters all over our beaches.  Have fun catching them up, stay out of restricted areas, especially the dunes.  Be careful of your surroundings, people are walking into all kinds of things not paying attention.  There are holes on the beach you can just walk into and hurt yourself.  There are plenty of things to trip on around the inlet rail and other places.  Most of all do not go into any “seedy” areas to get that rare character.  Be smart and play safe.

Fish On!!

Rich King

pokemon on the beach, delaware, sussex county, pokemon go
Matt Hipley fishing for pokemon

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