Friday Fishing Report


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Dave Walker holding his 17.4 pound tautog.

It has been a good week for resident striped bass and low water temperatures.  The inland bays dropped from sixty two at the beginning of the week down to fifty three in four days, fluctuating about three degrees between tides.  The temperature hits fifty six at low tide during the day and fifty three at the high tide. Expect that to happen the next couple of days.  The striped bass are feeding heavily around the inland bays and the fishing is a blast.  Once you find a school use swim shads, bucktails, or poppers.  The action is non stop or until the school moves on.  You can always find a school in a boat.  Look along grass and mud banks or fish structure.  The Lewes canal and tidal creeks have some great action.  Upper Delaware tidal creeks are good if you can follow the schools or wait for them to move through.

Tautog action has been decent for some keepers in Delaware bay structure.  Dave Walker landed a seventeen plus pound tautog a few days ago.  They are hitting green crabs, sand fleas, and box crabs.  Lot of throw backs I have heard tell.  I need to jump on a boat.  Somehow I got talked into scuba diving this Sunday.

There are some puppy drum, the small black ones, mixed in with white perch in the tidal creeks around our area, hitting bloodworms.  The white perch will also hit small minnows, but bloodworms are the preferred bait right now.  Small hooks on top and bottom rigs or sabiki rigs.  Look for them in the Broadkill river, lewes canal, Roosevelt inlet and areas like that.


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delaware, sussex county, puppy drum, blackdrum, canary creek, lewes, broadkill river, roosevelt inlet,
Puppy Drum from a tidal creek near you … PJ

Bluefish are still in the surf up to eighteen inches, but mostly are smaller.  Action is hot to not so if you don’t see anything for a while, move to a new spot.  The beaches are empty this time of year it is much easier to move around and fish.  Haven’t seen nor heard tell of any more albies.  I missed that window.

It is fall fishing there is little to none of the summer fish left except the occasional flounder.  We should see a few large flounder hitting stretches once people start trolling for the migratory striped bass.  That always happens during the fall run.  The main migration is still north of us.  You have plenty of time, but it is coming, so get your gear ready.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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