Flood Update


milotn memorial park, flooded water, broadkill river floods,
Broadkill River over its banks in Milton at the Memorial park .. photo by Steve Friend III

There is water in places people have never seen water before. The buildup is from heavy rain, coupled with the fact it can’t drain from the saturated ground.  Also the water can’t drain into the overflowing bays and waterways due to the tide being so high.  Oak Orchard is flooded all up and down River road, most of this is rain water that is draining form the above neighborhoods.  The marsh area is not helping either.  That area a couple of years ago flooded the whole neighborhood when we got a huge amount of rain, less than we got last night.   The wind is pushing a lot of waves into the low lying bay communities like Rehoboth Shores, Bay City, and Pot Nets.

Treat this storm like a nor’easter because it certainly is acting like one.  Houses facing the water are being pummeled by wind and waves.  retaining ponds are overflowing fish into parking lots.  You can crab in the streets of Oak Orchard.


love creek, delaware, sussex county, boat sinks in slip, check your bilge pumps
Boat sank at Love Creek from filling with rain water .. photo by Dick Ennis
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Check your bilge pumps and batteries, a few boats have sunk due to filling with water too fast and the bilge pump failing.  Not a good way to lose a boat at the dock.  I know many that have had that happen and it is a mess.

Expect more flooding tonight at high tide in all the low lying areas.  The water pushed into the inland bays by this wind isn’t going anywhere.  More water will be pushed into the bays when the tide changes.  High tide tonight in Oak Orchard area will flood around eleven o’clock, and that will be tidal flooding to add to the rain runoff that is already flooding.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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