Foxes In The Dunes Grabbing Fish


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Fox stealing a striped bass catch from James.

There was a fox that lived at Beach Plum Island State Park in the dunes, that used to always come out at night and steals people’s bait.  I haven’t seen or heard about it in a while.  Until the other night when James Rodkey and his wife were fishing in the evening.  A red fox, not sure if it is the same fox, came out of the dunes and grabbed his striped bass.  ” I tossed the striper behind me because my wife had one on, so I rushed over to help her. When I turned my back the little thief grabbed it and ran, several other times when I was leaving the beach, I looked in the rear-view mirror and he or she was already eating the bunker and mullet that was left behind.   He watched me fish a couple times awaiting my departure, but wouldn’t come too close to me. His den is right in the dunes, just a couple yards into the vegetation on the beach. ”  The tourists are gone and these critters need to fatten up for the winter.  Keep an eye on your six when you are fishing.

Ship rat, roosevelt inlet, lewes beach,
Ship rat … Roosevelt Inlet … Lewes, DE
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Another fun critter that gets bold in the off season are the brown ship rats in Lewes at Roosevelt inlet.  They aren’t just bold, they are sneaky and will attack a bait tray in groups from all directions.  It’s like they distract you while their buddy is stealing your squid.  They will drag off everything you have it’s interesting to watch them.  They are harmless for the most part, and came over here with all the ships back in the day.

Of course the seagulls are always bolder this time of year.  You go to a place like Thrashers fries in the afternoon on a week day, and sit on one of the benches.  A bird will land on your knee and just stare at you waiting for a fry.  They are just as bad in the summer, but if you are there alone with food this time of year, it is like something out of a Hitchcock movie.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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