Fishing After The Storms

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Croaker from the inland bays … Sean Cleaver

Well that was a fun storm yesterday.  Lot of places had ponding water, even Dover flooded in a few spots as I was driving into town.  Ocean City’s streets were flooded in all the usual spots. It is that time of year.  You see pop up storms and this can happen, keep an eye on the sky.  We are going to have this weather for a few days,Sunday will be the worst.  But this bad weather might be helpful for the afternoon fishing, it is keeping the temperatures down..  The water at the beach has been calm and clear from Rehoboth and  Dewey Beach to Fenwick Island.  Cape is hit or miss with the stirred up waters.  The fishing has been great in the early mornings especially for kingfish and summer blues.  The top of high tide will be early morning all weekend.  Fish the incoming to the outgoing from four in the morning until ten.  The leave the beach before it gets too crowded and fish where others are not.

Croaker are moving around the inland bays mostly along jetties and structure looking for food.  Decent keeper sizes are hitting fishbites, bloodworms, or squid.  Top and bottom rigs with sharp hooks on the slow drift or from land.  The Cape Henlopen pier has decent action with keepers and small croakers.

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Jack Mack and Sophia Zulli with a 24 inch flounder caught at Faithful Steward

Flounder are hot at the old grounds still with some nice sea bass in the mix.  The inland bays … still not so hot to not. Lot of people are not catching.  If the old routines aren’t working try fishing somewhere you haven’t before, switch it up a little.  You might be surprised where you will find flounder right now.  Seems they are shallow hunting minnows.  Anglers on land are doing better at the north side marina than the boats with a lot of throwback flounder.

Weakfish are all over the Delaware Bay and beaches.  They are the small spike sized but there have been a few in the keeper ranger which is thirteen inches.  They are hitting baits on top and bottom rigs.

Crabbing is excellent if you are running rings or trot lines.  People are filling baskets in no time.  Even crab pots and hand lining is doing very well.  Pots have decent numbers on a one day soak.  People stealing crabs are just as bad as last year.  Not much you can do about that but calls the boys in green or pray for the karma train.

Ocean City after the first storm yesterday

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Ms Ella Baldwin with her Seadoo

Masseys landing is all little sea bass, croaker some are keeper sized, throw back flounder and blues will move through with the tides.  You have to be there if that happens and it is usually on the opposite side of the pier, because Murphy’s law.  Decent striped bass shorts at night under the lights.   Masseys canyon still the hot bite for tuna on butterfish chunks.  Weekend is here be safe and smart traveling.  Bad weather is going to happen all weekend, be prepared for that.  If you are looking for some fun entertainment go to a boat ramp when a storm is coming in on a weekend. Take a lawn chair, you will be there for a while.  Expect the Delaware Bay and bay beaches to be dirty as well as the tidal creeks and rivers.  Lot of rain will run off silt and what not.  At least it won’t be as hot.  Next week is in the mid eighties, come on Monday!  Have a great weekend.

Fish On!!

Rich King

Tide IRI … 

07/29 Fri 05:01 AM 2.43 H
07/29 Fri 10:44 AM -0.02 L
07/29 Fri 05:58 PM 3.17 H
07/29 Fri 11:51 PM 0.26 L
07/30 Sat 06:08 AM 2.44 H
07/30 Sat 11:44 AM -0.06 L
07/30 Sat 06:58 PM 3.28 H

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