Pokemon Go Tournament 2016


pokemon go fishing tournament, delaware, sussex county, milford, freedom festival riverwalk
Pokemon Go Fishing Tournament winners … First place Eric Lauer (center) Second Place Nathaniel Jeffers (right) Third Place Robbie Payton (left)

The weekend before last Techno Goober and Delaware Surf Fishing hosted the first Pokemon Go “fishing” tournament.  I am getting caught up because I went to the hospital the day after this event.  We were set up at the Riverwalk Freedom Festival in Milford near the bridge.  Each side of the river walk near the bridge is loaded with Pokestops, so we dropped lures there all day.  Attracting more Pokemon to the stops.  The object of the day was to catch the largest Magicarp, we were listing them by weight.  If we had a tie we decided the tie breaker would be the person who caught the most Magicarp that day.  The rules were simple, and once the festival started we had people signing up all day long.  It was fun just watching everyone run around trying to catch a specific Pokemen.  A lot of players were wearing shirts that commemorated Pokemon.  Some of the players had their team shirts made up with their trainer names on the shirts.  People are really into this game and have a blast playing.


pokeball charger, delaware, sussex county, techno goober
Andrea Grudis won this Pokeball charger for holding the gym.
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We had three prizes for first second and third place. We also had a prize for a raffle.  Whoever held the gym at the top of the hour would be entered to win a Pokeball portable battery charger, that is also a flashlight.  Every time it was five minutes from gym domination time, a massive group of people would move up the hill to battle for the gym.  We had a good time hosting this event.  Over one hundred and fifty people signed up and participated.  Many Pokemon Go players have all kinds of things they take around with them while n the hunt.  A game fan was leaving crocheted Pokemon monsters at some of the stops.  That has been happening all over the place, some areas people are leaving behind these little crocheted Pokemon for people to find and collect.  We had a great time working with this event and are looking forward to the next tournament.  Now we have a new way to host a “fishing” tournament that anyone can participate in any time of the year.  If you would like Techno Goober and DSF to set up a tournament at your event just get in touch.

Fish On!!

Rich King

pokemon go crochet hat, delaware, sussex county
Player wearing a Pokeball knit hat.

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