Canary Creek Bridge Down To One Lane


Canary Creek Bridge on pilottown rd
Canary Creek Bridge on pilottown rd

I meant to put this up last week.  A sink hole closed a lane on Canary Creek Bridge on Pilot town road in Lewes.  So you have to wait to let people pass going to and from the Lewes boat ramp.  There are barricades up.  On a side note there is a huge area to fish now, just avoid the sinkhole on the one end of the bridge.  Lots of litter being left behind there, please pick up after yourselves and if possible after the litterbugs.  Unfortunately we have to clean up after people a lot.  Last thing I want to see is this area closed due to too much litter which is happening to a lot of access places around the state.  I particularly was impressed with someone using the guard rail hollow sections as a trash can.  NOT!  Deldot is currently making repairs but is not sure when it will reopen.

Fish On!!

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Rich King

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Lot of room to fish the one side
canary creek, lewes, delaware, sussex county
The sinkhole in Canary Creek Bridge

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