Taugin In Love Creek, Wait. What?


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Tautog in ghost crab pot in Love Creek

I have caught tautog in some weird spots around the inland bays.  Some of these spots you wouldn’t think to find a tautog, like the jetties of Pot Nets.  Other places you would think there should be tautog, but I haven’t seen one caught there before, such as the Roosevelt inlet jetty.  Not to say there aren’t any there, we just haven’t caught one there before.  Masseys Landing has a small population, not just in number but size as well.  A few keepers can be caught there on occasion.  One place I would not expect to find a tautog would be in Love Creek, mostly because the structure they prefer just doesn’t exist.  Mike Meibaum was pulling ghost crab pots the other day and found a small tautog in an abandoned trap.  It wasn’t too far up Love Creek, but that “catch” certainly surprised him.

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I am working on coordinating with DNREC enforcement, Tow Boat, and some scuba diver friends to work on removing ghost crab pots around the inland bays the last weekend of February.  There used to be grant money for these projects, but Delaware doesn’t have the funding.  So we decided to get a bunch of volunteers together and see what we could do on our own.  We will have the marine police on hand so we are legal.  Believe it or not even removing these pots is illegal if they still have floats on them.  Also having more than two crab pots per person on board your boat is illegal.  Then there is the fact it isn’t legal to put  crab pots in this time of year.  We will let everyone know when we need volunteers if you want to help, or have a boat you can use to haul ghost crab pots.

Fish On!

Rich King

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