Slammer Blues Are Still Around


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Gator from the Indian River Inlet … photo from Mike

Slammer blues are still around the inlet.  They are at the bottom of the inlet.  There is plenty of food and cool water down there, so I guess they don’t need to go anywhere.  lot of snapper blue action in the surf hitting mullet rigs.  They are also around the inland bays chasing mullet and peanut bunker schools.  The bridges in Ocean City have decent blues action around the pylons and the Oceanic Pier.  There are schools all over the Delaware Bay.  Should find some cobia following these bluefish schools.

Keeper croaker action is getting better around the inland bays and along the inlet jetties.  Squid, bloodworms,  or fishbites  on top and bottom rigs.  The best fish bites formula is the bloodworm scent, but crab and shrimp have been doing decent.  The croaker are getting more plentiful which is making many anglers happy who are striking out with flounder.  This has been the worst season for flounder, but it isn’t over yet.  If you aren’t catching in your usual favorite spots, find another place to fish, move around, you will be surprised where people are catching large flounder. Look for shallow water that is moving.  Otherwise go offshore to the Old Grounds.


Cusk eel dug up by Aaron while looking for sand fleas .. John Peterson
Cusk eel dug up by Aaron while looking for sand fleas .. John Peterson
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Striped bass slot season is still great action for the dinner table for many folks up and down the Delaware Bay.  The mini short action is hot too, those are the ten inch schoolies.  Night under the lights is decent at Masseys landing and anywhere you can find lights to fish.  If you can’t find lights to fish create your own.  The old law about not shining light into the water was lifted last year.  You can hang a light over the boat, pier, or dock to attract fish.  Back in the day this was one way to attract and catch big weakfish.  It still works but the fish are much smaller spike trout.

The surf has an unusually large amount of cusk eels out there this year.  They are the little yellowish eels everyone is catching.  Kids are even digging them up in the surf line looking for sand fleas.  They are not much for the table since they are so small.  Delaware doesn’t have a creel limit on them and they make great striped bass bait.  Every year it seems there are more and more cusk eel catches.  Maybeit is a sign of fish populations changing up, I don’t know.  I am sure if I ask there will be many theories, I’ll just go back to my favorite theory of blaming it on aliens.

Fish On!

Rich King

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