Where Can I Fish Today?

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Caiden and Nicole DiRusso caught some squid in a cast net during Tropical Storm Hermine in the bay near Pot Nets Bayside.

People fished during the storm.  If you want to get out and fish today, the inlet is okay at the rail, not much action yet.  Broadkill river is swelled up and flowing over her banks a little.  Oyster Rocks is fish-able but flooded  along the marsh at high tide.  Masseys Landing is swift water at the pier and bulkhead.  All the water is dirty.   Cape Henlopen pier has some croaker action. Lot of wind but people are catching fish. Broadkill beach is easy to walk on and fish.  All of Beach plum Island State Park is closed including the parking lot.  Bowers Beach should be fishable at the bulkheads and jetty, don’t park near the boat ramp at high tide.  Rosedale Beach crabbing pier is accessible, but will have higher water at high tide.  The surf fishing beaches are open to walk on and fish.  They probably won’t open until Tuesday is my guess, Monday will be heavy waves from storm surge, high tide could be an issue.   The park in Milton and the pier are fine, the park might get wet on the next high tide.  Lewes in Canal Front park to fish the Lewes canal and Roosevelt inlet are clear.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend, we will keep you posted about any beach openings.

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