Striped Bass Arrive In Delaware Waters


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Chris Wagner with a nice keeper bass caught on the Marie Ann.

Well we have all been waiting for it, THEY’RE HERE!  Now come get some, I mean it’s only monday, probably gone by the weekend too wit our recent luck.  However, there are still fish heavy in schools on the Jersey side and up the coast a bit.  However a few schools have moved into our area. Normally we don’t go too detailed with boat locations, but if you miss this location you’re blind and not on social media.  So I got the call yesterday about the pending state record striped bass.  While on my way to the inlet, I went over the bridge, looked out to sea as we always do, and you could see birds and a boat or two out about a mile or two.  I figured like it has been recently, there are birds and no fish.  Well there are birds, and fish and they are and were striped bass yesterday.  This afternoon Mitch King called .   “I went over IRI bridge at noon there were three boats about a mile and half out and a lot of birds.  Now at 2:30 there are about fifty boats out there and more speeding in that direction towards even more birds.   I guess the fish showed up.”  Mitch is correct the striped bass parked in front of Indian River Inlet yesterday and today.   No idea how long they plan on staying, but they are around.   It isn’t hard to find the boats, just look east.  Would be nice to see the fish come close to the beach.  I would try the inlet area to Fenwick Island.  Maybe a little north on Faithful Steward too and see if anything comes close to shore.  Especially at night.

Captain John Azato of the Marie Ann and angler Chris Wagner … “Insane bird action and fish showed up, it was a tornado of birds.  We caught on mojos, and stretches.  At one point we were hooked up with a quad, four fish on at once! “

rockfish, striped bass, linesider, delaware, sussex county, indian river inlet, delaware seashorestate park, charles w cullen bridge,
Striped bass caught by Chris Wagner on the Marie Ann
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I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that since the sand barge is picking up sand in that area, maybe the dredging up of sand is getting the fish excited.  It is a possible reason for them to be in that location.  Site B was reorganized and lines redrawn, so the mussle beds and what not there would be protected from the dredge process.  Who knows that dredge is stirring up,butI imagine bait fish are on it thick and then the bass.  I know offshore guys will follow draggers around the canyons and it pays off.  Just a theory.

Tautog is good on ocean structure and not to bad at the inlet, just a lot of throw backs using green crabs.  I know … nobody cares because they all want bass.

Fish On!

Rich King

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