One Last Cast


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Tony Marotta Jr. on Ocean City beach yesterday. Fishing for electric eels in an electrical storm

That storm rolled in last evening and rocked the north, but wasn’t as bad in the south.  We did have some damage.  Storms allow for great photography opportunities.  Sometimes you are in the right place at the right time.  Still trying to catch that shot in the moment is tough.  The storm ran everyone off the beach, but a few people stayed to the last minute.  Tony Marotta Jr. on Ocean City beach yesterday decided to take a last cast, and thankfully it wasn’t his last cast.  He was catching blues before the storm rolled in.  Some out of town folk walked by and asked if he should be fishing in an electrical storm, I guess he didn’t appreciate their tone.

In his best Eastern shore drawl …
Tony … Well ya see folks, storms like this bring out the electric eels and catfish.
Folks … There are electric catfish?
Tony …. Oh yes Ma’am there are, and they are tasty.  Cleaning them is tough because you have to use a plastic filet knife.
Folks … What do you do with the electric eels?
Tony … (not skipping a beat, and still trying not to laugh)  Well Ma’am we like to use them at night in our fish lanterns on the long boats in the back bays for snipe hunting..
Folks …  What’s a snipe?
Tony … (red in face)   You folks may want to move along now, the next wave is a comin, she is looking mean, and you don’t want to be out here when it happens.
Just then a big bolt of lightning flashed across the sky and the thunder was intense,  Last Tony saw those folks were running down the beach for cover.  Sometimes an unexpected delivery, needs a perfect ending.  Tony bailed off the beach, they managed a killer photo by pure luck, because they were in the right place at the right time.  Then got out of dodge before the brunt of the storm showed up.  That last bolt of lightening was unexpected.

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Pretty sure electric catfish was googled more than once yesterday.  They exist … in Africa.

Fish On!!

Rich King


Disclaimer … Do not do this, fishing in an electrical storm is dangerous it even says it on most rods, because these days most of them conduct electricity.  DO NOT FISH IN A THUNDER STORM.

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