Striped Bass Creel Limit Change Survey Results


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Delaware Surf Fishing striped bass survey results.

Not long ago we did a quick survey to see what anglers wanted to see for a new creel limit for striped bass in Delaware.  Only 78 people took the survey, which isn’t surprising, and the results were interesting.  Just to refresh your memory.  Delaware is proposing to change the striped bass creel limit.  Below is the options Delaware is looking at.  I added three categories to our survey just out of curiosity to see what people thought.  If we get a chance to change the creel again, I thought it was important to see what people thought of going to just one fish, instead of two.  Something that was not brought up as an option.


Results of the DSF  survey out of 78 people… 
No Changes. Keep it the way it is …  6 people … 7.7%
1 fish at 28 inches year round minimum without the summer Delaware Bay slot season … 37 people .. 47.4%
1 fish at 28 inches year round minimum with the summer Delaware Bay slot season …  27 people … 34.6%
2 fish at 33″ Year Round Minimum, No Slot season for the Delaware Bay … 5 people  …  6.4%
2 fish at 37″ Year Round Minimum; 20-25″ Summer Slot …  3 people … 3.8%
based on our results most people would like to see a one fish limit and skip the summer slot season, the next most popular is keeping the slot season with a  one fish limit.
State Of Delaware’s Options For Proposed Striped Bass Creel Changes …
From John Clark … The first option (new for 2 fish) is the minimum size with no summer slot, the second option includes the summer slot. As you can see, the summer slot season does take enough striped bass that the default minimum size must be much larger to achieve the required reduction. Yes, 27.4% is greater than 25%, but if the minimum size for either option is reduced by 1” , the option will be below the 25% required reduction.”  In other words this is the smallest they can allow in size with two fish and stay in compliance.

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Striped bass creel change proposed 33″ Year Round Minimum, No Slot 37″ Minimum; 20-25″ Summer Slot
% Reduction 27.4 27.4


The results of this survey will be forwarded to DNREC.  We may run it again now that the season is about to crank up to see what people think.  I’m still surprised that we are not one of the states actively trying to protect the large breeder sized bass.  An age old argument that pops up twice a year and is all over the internet right now.

Fish On!

Rich King

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