Drive On Beaches Are Closed And No Swimming


hermine the day after, rehonboth beach, delaware, sussex county
Rehoboth beach at 10:00 Am tide is an hour away. The swales will fill in. Amazing those structures were left on the beach. That could have gone bad, had the water been worse.

The parks have all the drive on beaches closed for high water.  Tide is coming in and already flowing into the swales.  High tide is around 11 am.  The water may look calmer, but it is still strong with currents and surge.  Parks are not allowing swimming today either and same with some of the town beaches.  It just isn’t safe with the heavy currents and waves.  Once we get the word we will let you know when they will reopen the beaches.  Parks also has to evaluate each drive on access to make sure all is well and that can take some time.  After the next low tide is when you want to do some beach combing, the next couple of days.  You can walk on and fish any of the drive on beaches.  The cuts look good and some are more defined than others.

Fish On!!

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Rich King

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09/04 Sun 11:27 PM 2.88 H
09/05 Mon 05:19 AM 0.42 L
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09/05 Mon 05:48 PM 0.55 L

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