Storm Surge Floods Beaches At High Tide


conquest beach, delaware seashore state park, flooded beaches, swales, tide pools,
Conquest Beach looking north towards Key Box at 5:54 PM … photo by KenZimmerman

The storm surge that hit the beaches today was pushing water up even farther than usual.  At high tide water is filling up the swales and flooding the beaches to the dune line.  Thai is happening mostly in Delaware Seashore State Park and Fenwick Island State Park.   Dewey Beach and Rehoboth Beach is filled in a bit as well, beach goers will have issues looking for dry sand during high tide this week.  Cape Henlopen is not as bad, but you can expect that to change by the weekend.  The waves forecast for Sunday are in the seven foot range so far.   These tropical depressions will bring us a lot of storm surge into the weekend.  Be careful when you are driving on the beaches, not only of the wet sand but the drop off at the  edge of the surf.  The beaches will be shelved off or like a small cliff..

delaware seashore state park, conquest, beach,
Conquest Beach looking South at 5:54 PM … photo by Ken Zimmerman

Do not drive through wet sand.  If you drive through a swale you will get stuck before you even come close to crossing.  The wet sand near a freshly drained swale will still be loosed ans quick.  Swales drain to the south and where they are draining is a good place to fish.  This is also the place where the rip currents form, also great to fish, but do not swim or wade too deep into them.  The beaches took a huge hit during storm Jonas.  They should be fine during this storm surge just be careful while out there.  You may be on dry beach and then find yourself surrounded by water.  Keep an eye on the swales for water heading your direction.  These pictures taken at 5:45 PM are not at the height of high tide, that was at 8:25 PM.  Expect to see flooded swales every morning this week,and especially this weekend..

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Tides this week at Indian River Inlet …

08/30 Tue 01:27 AM 0.22 L
08/30 Tue 07:52 AM 2.72 H
08/30 Tue 01:25 PM 0.07 L
08/30 Tue 08:25 PM 3.32 H
08/31 Wed 02:12 AM 0.15 L
08/31 Wed 08:39 AM 2.81 H
08/31 Wed 02:13 PM 0.05 L
08/31 Wed 09:06 PM 3.28 H
09/01 Thu 02:54 AM 0.13 L
09/01 Thu 09:21 AM 2.87 H
09/01 Thu 02:58 PM 0.07 L
09/01 Thu 09:44 PM 3.21 H
09/02 Fri 03:33 AM 0.14 L
09/02 Fri 10:00 AM 2.91 H
09/02 Fri 03:42 PM 0.13 L
09/02 Fri 10:19 PM 3.11 H
09/03 Sat 04:10 AM 0.2 L
09/03 Sat 10:37 AM 2.92 H
09/03 Sat 04:24 PM 0.24 L
09/03 Sat 10:53 PM 3.0 H
09/04 Sun 04:45 AM 0.3 L
09/04 Sun 11:14 AM 2.92 H
09/04 Sun 05:06 PM 0.38 L
09/04 Sun 11:27 PM 2.88 H
09/05 Mon 05:19 AM 0.42 L
09/05 Mon 11:51 AM 2.91 H
09/05 Mon 05:48 PM 0.55 L


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