Winning White Marlin In Question Top Prize Withheld By WMO


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The 2.8 million Dollar White Marlin … photo courtesy of the White Marlin Open

The White Marlin Open announced there is an issue with the white marlin that won the $2.8 million top prize in this year’s tournament.  That prize happens to be a record for the largest payout ever, because it was the only qualifying white marlin brought to the scales.   What that issue is has not been announced, and likely won’t be until they finalize a decision with all of the judges.  All the information out  now, which is very little, is very vague.   There are  a lot of rules regarding catches, so anything is possible.  Even the blue marlin this year was a small controversy for a couple of hours, but was eventually qualified.  We have no idea why the white marlin has been questioned, but there will be no payout to anyone until it is resolved.  It also appears that the white marlin will not qualify and now they are trying to determine who gets the prize money, according to the statement on the WMO’s website, which we have posted below.  According to the rules if the top marlin is disqualified the prize money could possibly go to the top Blue Marlin or the tuna.

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790 pound blue marlin landed by Jim Conway on the Get Reel. You can see where the tail broke off … photo courtesy of the White Marlin Open

White Marlin Open President James Motsko …  On August 9, the winning angler in the White Marlin Category, provided catch information for the white marlin which, as it turned out, would be the sole qualifying white marlin in the tournament.

“Subsequent investigation as required by the Rules & Regulations of the White Marlin Open indicated a possible violation of the rules. Accordingly in an effort to achieve utmost fairness, the White Marlin Open Directors met with the independent Judges and complete information was provided to the Judges for their input with regard to the issue of the potential violation of rules.

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“After much discussion, and providing evidence of the possible violation of the tournament rules, the Judges agreed that the prize would not be awarded to the boat catching the qualifying white marlin, but would, in accordance with the rules of the tournament, be withheld pending the determination of the proper recipient of the prize money.

“The White Marlin Open strives to obtain the highest integrity and level of transparency in fairness in all of its award and determination of adherence to the Rules & Regulations in all cases. It is for these reasons that the Tournament Directors, in coordination with the independent Judges in the tournament, have made the determination to withhold the winning prize until it can be ensured that the prize is being paid to the proper recipient thereof.”

When we know more we will let you know.

Fish On!!

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