Dewey Beach Scooter Nation Raises Money To Place Caution Signs

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Dewey Beach Scooter Nation caution signs placed near businesses along route 1
From the desk of … Rev. Robert “Boots” DiGiacomo
The Dewey Beach Scooter Nation sold T-shirts to raise money to make these signs for route 1, but when we came up short the Erick Blondin State Farm agency donated the rest of the money to make our idea come to fruition! We have already had many accidents this year from lack of knowledge of scooters. Tourists come in town and are not use to seeing or driving around scooters. The DBSN was put together years ago to raise money for local charity’s and we still do one or two rides a year (in the off season) for that, but with the rise in scooter riders it’s time we start protecting ourselves also, even if it’s just the 50 signs we had made for route 1. I keep saying route 1 because the law states if you can’t do the speed limit you must ride in the bus lane and most scooters/mopeds that are 49cc and have a “moped” license plate and can’t keep up with traffic on route 1 and need to ride in the bus lane but when you enter the towns of Dewey, Rehoboth, Lewes, Bethany, or Fenwick you must ride with traffic in the car lane. Locals use the scooters as a mode of transportation to and from work for the ease of parking it’s not just a “toy” for us. If your business is on route 1 and want to support by placing a sign out front let me know through our Facebook page ” Dewey Beach Scooter Nation”

Rev. Robert “Boots” DiGiacomo
mopeds, scooters, delaware, sussex county, beach towns, dewey, rehoboth, fenwick island, bethany, scooter nation
Dewey Beach Scooter Nation caution sign, if you would like a sign in front of your business on route 1 contact the club via their Facebook page.
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