People Lining Up For Surf Tag Vouchers Overnight

The Delaware State Park Surf Tag Vouchers Are Handed out Tomorrow.

The question of the day has been what time should I get in line for this surf tag voucher. About a dozen people are already at some of the parks at the moment. So I would say right about now into the early morning. I honestly don’t know about spending the night in my truck. Unless I was surf fishing then sure.
Killens pond has a small line of cars.
Lums pond has small line of cars
Soutside Inlet has a small line of cars.

I expect every park will have a line by now, and over night. The park rangers are on duty, take it easy on them. Some parks do not open until dawn, the rangers will be up all night while you nap in your vehicle or bed.

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Lums pond at 9 PM Courtney Kelly
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Dave Andrews “There are eight vehicles in line up to the gatehouse at the soutside inlet.”
DSF …. “Dude leave the truck lined up and go fish the rail or surf for rats till dawn. see you at dawn.”

Courtney Kelly ” Lums pond has a line of cars. In the last ten minutes there has been 2 park rangers drive past with lights on. And at least 10 additional cars behind me I’m not staying, I came to drop off food and a blanket to my husband. Lol”

DSF … “Wait so he is sitting in line and you get to go home?

Courtney .. “Yes”

DSF .. . “That is legend! Good man.”

If you are heading out to get your surf tag voucher now, or in the morning. The parks faqs about vouchers will help if you have any questions. Would I go get in line for a voucher right now. Nope maybe really early in the morning. I might go park at the inlet and then fish, just saying.
There is always the pilot program weekday off capacity surf fishing tags for the fall back. This si a better deal in my opinion, because surf fishing on the weekends is tougher due to the crowds.

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