The Old Man In The Seal

There is a large seal on the beaches in Delaware Seashore State Park. It is an older seal, and looks to be on his last days. If you see it, leave it be. Not just because that is the federal law, but also … old seal, just wants to rest. MERR is aware and has been monitoring. After numerous reports to our social media pages, I figured put out a heads up. We are aware, MERR is aware, leave the old man in the seal alone.

seal on beach, delaware surf fishing,
Old seal on the beach in Delaware Seashore State Park

He pulled up on me while walking and casting Easter morning. I don’t know if he was hoping for an easy meal, but he turned right around and went back out. After a hard stare at me.
I left the beach and went elsewhere. Been here before, when seals will follow you as you fish up and down the beach. They are looking for an easy meal, they can smell cut bunker bait boards too. Feeding seals or any wildlife makes it rely on people and not learn to hunt. I felt bad, but denied this old man an easy meal. When the fish went back so did the seal, but not before another hard look, this one more accusatory. Pretty sure I just got flipped off by a seal.

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You can see the old age on this seal’s face. Might be just looking for a spot to rest and see that last sunrise. We usually just see young seals, this is sad to see but also part of the circle of life.
This seal also looked like it knew a thing or two, because it has seen a thing or two when it comes to grabbing an angler’s catch. That would be my guess on his beaching near me, fish on and he wants a meal. But old age is preventing it from really chasing down any fish. Leave it be to his own devices.

seal on beach, delaware surf fishing,
Headed back out after no success stealing a fish

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