Route 90 Bridge Shut Down Due To Accident; Vehicle Passengers In Bay

There are multiple vehicles involved and possibly passengers in the water. No idea how long this will be closed. This all happened recently. Not much information available. One vehicle is hanging off the bridge.
Find another way home.

Route 90 bridge accident. photo Island Water Sports
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Per The Dispatch in Ocean City … “Vehicles are flipped over on the Route 90 Bridge and one vehicle is reportedly hanging over the guardrail with occupants in the bay below, according to the traffic transportation reports. An adult male and infant are reportedly in the water but standing. Four to five vehicles believed to be involved in the accident. Multiple patients requiring medical attention including a pregnant female, who is reportedly fine after having trouble breathing for a while, on the bridge surface. The severity of the injuries are unknown at this time but Maryland State Police Aviation has been called and will be landing at Jolly Roger. “

Route 90 bridge accident. photo Island Water Sports

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