100 Lifetime Surf Tags To Be Released But There Is A Catch

Parks says Surf Anglers will have to work a little for these tags.

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(April. 1, 2021) Parks .. ” We decided due to the overly dramatic reaction to the blowout sale of the last thousand tags. We would release a new lifetime surf tag. There will be a catch to get these tags though. Surf Anglers will have to compete for a tag. Take out some of that misplaced aggression, surf fishing doesn’t seem to be doing it for them”

DSF … “When you say compete do you mean like a marathon, arm wrestling, a friendly game of horse?”

Parks … “No, we are thinking something a little more exciting to raise money and help solve the crowding problem as well.”

DSF … “Wait.. what? How can you solve the crowding problem with a contest for a lifetime tag. I mean isn’t it just adding another surf tag and more people?”

Parks … “Well yes, but not realy. We decided to take a page from Hunger Games meets Road Warrior.”

DSF … Yaaaaassssssss!!! You’re talking a Thunderdome beach cage death match!”

Parks … “Yes … Thunderdome Beach Cage Death Match. Fake anglers versus the hardcore. There can be only one.

DSF … ” … “

Parks … “I see you’re speechless for once Rich, a rarity. We are also thinking of adding some surf rod dune jousting events for the kids. Right in the walking dunes, since they like playing in there already. We are still working on some things with the legal. “

DSF … “Bwaaahaaaahaaaahaahaa … Details, please!!”

Parks … “This will be an annual event after surf tags sell out each year. 100 surf anglers and 100 fake anglers can sign up to compete for a lifetime surf tag. You have to claim your camp. The hard core surf anglers versus the No Hook Nation. Weapons of choice will be fishing gear, filet knives, EZ ups, fold up tables, grills, blenders, bbq skewers, chairs, and cornhole boards.
With the “Two enter, one leaves” rules for the Thunderdome Cage Death Matich. This will solve two problems. By giving one surf angler a life time tag and take another out of the mix permanently. We figure in about a century we will weed the crowd down to a reasonable size. It’s a win.”

DSF .. This is glorious, so this will be an event too I assume?” For the public”

Parks … “Oh absolutely. It’s a money maker. We will have this right on the beach in Cape Henlopen State Park between the Firewatch Towers. Along our newly paved Rehoboth Lewes Highway thruway There will be areas for vehicles to park and spectate. Bleachers set up and VIP balcony like seating on top of the Towers. President Biden might drop in with Marine One. It will also be on Pay Per view. We anticipate some decent coin off this. A portion of the monies raised will go to the families of the fallen. Who will also receive a complimentary Viking funeral at a park beach of their choice.”

May the odds be ever in your favor. All Hail the No Hook Nation.

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