Marine One Landing Pad Moving To Gordons Pond Beach

Due to the surf tag shortage Marine One will be landing on the beach at Gordons Pond.

Just like so many other Delawareans, President Joe Biden missed out on the park’s robocall for the last 1,000 surf tags.

President Joe Biden … “It was awful man, just chaos. I get this crazy robocall and I am like where are the credit cards? Who has a computer I can use? I mean, I am in the middle of signing something, or other, you know the thing. Now here I am panicking about my Delaware Surf Fishing tag while stuck at work. Then I come to find out they sell out in 45 minutes. I had Marine one all fired up to go hit the park offices. Come on man, I wanna surf fish too!”

But, being President of the United States who happens to have a beach house in Delaware. Doesn’t come with out a little pull, so President Biden called Ray Bivens, Director of Delaware State Parks. I mean you always go to the top right?

President Joe Biden .. “Ray, I need some help buddy, We need a surf tag for the Secret Service SUV’s, and pronto like. I hear the drum are coming.”

Ray Bivens … “I’m sorry sir but we no longer have any tags left to issue.”

President Joe Biden exclaims … “Come on Man! I’m the President.”.

Ray Bivens with a chuckle … “I’m sorry sir we’ve had to turn down a lot of people we feel really bad about it. I mean it really wouldn’t be fair would it?”

President Joe Biden … “Look I get it, it’s cool. I understand rules are rules. So listen, about my landing spot for Marine One. How about instead we just drop that puppy right between the Firewatch towers on Gordons Pond beach.
With your newly paved Rehoboth Lewes Highway, getting in and out should be a snap. I just want to surf fish a little on the weekends.”

Ray Bivens … “Wait …. what? Ummmm but, Well sir, see we do have piping plovers there on occasion and might have to close that section of beach. It’s a federal closure.”

President Biden … “Ray that’s okay, this bird flies too, and she lands nice and soft. These flyboys are America’s best. They can drop her on a plover nest egg and not even crack an egg. I’ll talk the Audubon society it will be fine. “

Ray Bivens sounding concerned … “Well sir, I mean, umm … yeah, okay. Listen we do have a weekday pass we are offering soon. Maybe one of those? On me even, I’d be happy to spring for a dozen for you and the boys?”

President Joe Biden … “Come on man. We want the weekends, we work all week. Then we need to hit the beach, so we can, you know, do the thing. I’ll get my people in touch and we will make this happen. I’ll see you next week. Drop by, wet a line, and have a beer. I’ll be next to the big chopper on the beach with the giant Salt Life sticker on it, eating my Surf Bagel and wash it down with a cup of Swell Joe Coffee. Man, I love this place! See ya Ray, Thanks!”

I looked over at Ray Bivens who had a bit of a defeated and somewhat surreal look on his face, and I had to ask. I couldn’t help it … “Does this mean the Piping Plovers aren’t coming this year? Because if that’s the case can you ask President Biden to open the point back up? You know, so we can do the surf fishing thing?”

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Marine One’s landing spot on the beach on Gordons Pond in Cape Henlopen State Park

I hope you enjoyed our little parody.
I just got to “troll” the President of the United states on our surf fishing page. We meant this with all respect and are just having fun. I’m having way more fun with this than anyone.
Ray, I hope you got a chuckle out of this you too, I know you could use one.
Happy April Fools Day.
I’m going surf fishing.

President Biden sir, you are welcome to come with the crew and I any day and surf fish, we’ll even bring the beer. We only surf fish and have fun. We only have one rule, no politics on the beach, you will enjoy that. Have a great day.
By the way I have a surf tag, you are welcome to ride with us and won’t have to drop that chopper on the beach. But if parks does let you, can you pick a brother up? I want to surf fish in the closed section too.

Fish On!
Rich King

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