Reading The Beach To Fish

Reading a beach to surf fish will help you find and catch more fish

(2013) … Today after work I went to the point in Cape Henlopen State Park.  The beach there is all carved up and washed out, but that is actually a helpful tool for any angler.  During the dead low tide you could see all of the mini sandbars and cuts.  These will move as the beach fills in, but it was neat to see what the bottom of the ocean would look like uncovered.  You can see from the carved contours in the sand how the troughs move (drain) water into cuts and create areas to fish.  Bait fish and crustaceans will explore these areas that look like tide pools. 

  The area where the water is pushed out by over flow or the action of waves (cut) is where you will find fish feeding on the unsuspecting baitfish and critters as they are washed out of these areas.  This is known as a cut.  It looks like a gully and is the area where you see two waves collide with one another (usually).  This wave action creates these cuts and make for great fishing holes.  I took a lot of pictures tonight and posted them to the Delaware Surf Fishing Facebook page.  You can view the pictures there.  I used one here with labels to give you an idea of what the bottom looks like under and behind the waves.  You have to use your imagination a little.  On a side note driving on the beach is a bit of a chore, but doable. 

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Reading the beach at Cape Henlopen State Park after a storm these pronounced cuts are farther up on the beach.

  I saw Suzanne out there, chatted a bit, took lots of pictures of the sunset, and we followed each other off the beach.  The point gate was closed and we had to drive to Navy Crossing.  That was an adventure.  Over the hills and far away would be a good description, and my new rodeo handled it like a champ.  It was fun to be honest with you.  Have a great weekend and just keep in mind the full hunter’s moon will definitely affect our tides.  Right now it is almost as bright as the sun outside.  The fishing was no good when I was there this evening.  I had too may dolphins out front and one guy who decided to drive through the rip I was fishing with his boat.  He could have easily ridden the long way around, and I could have cast over his boat by a good thirty feet.  Oh well, there is always one, besides it was a beautiful night watching the sun set, and the moon rise over the ocean.  The fishing in the surf has been slow, Suzanne said she didn’t see anyone catch a thing today and she drowned a variety of baits.  The southern beaches were about the same as far as catching.

Fish On!
Rich King

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