Northrop Grumman’s Antares Launch Delayed

Better to scrub before you are into the countdown then to scrub during a countdown.

NASA Wallops (Sept 27, 2020) “Northrop Grumman, along with NASA, has rescheduled the Antares and Cygnus launch for the NG-14 mission to NET Thursday, October 1st at 9:38 PM EDT due to unfavorable weather conditions. The Antares rocket and Cygnus spacecraft are healthy and ready to support the mission once weather clears.

Understandable with the coming weather. I know it burns up a lot of resources to scrub a launch once everything is underway. Better to call it before you are in play and all that fuel is loaded. Not to mention the perishable cargo is put on at the last minute with their new load procedure. The Cygnus craft is loaded on the ground now at the pad. By lowering the Antares and using a special modified gangway, the ones used for people at an airport. Easier to delay now so that cargo doesn’t have to be offloaded again. Depending on how perishable it is. Ever take a green banana home from the store and the next day it is nearly rotten?

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The gangway set up at the launch pad to load the Cygnus cargo craft on the Northrop Grumman Antares, (November 2019).

We have seen launches scrubbed a minute or so to countdown. Some days you can just tell while you are standing there at the media area, listening to the folks at mission control. When they start talking about tomorrow looks “more better”, you just know the launch is going to scrub.
This one time at the media area … we all just looked at each other.
Mike … “I’m not even going to set up all my cameras yet, it is going to scrub.”
The noobs all looked at us and said “Wait, what?
Me … “Yeah. Just listen and watch in 5, 4, 3, 2”

Back at it the next day. Sometimes the next few days for a week.

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Now I am looking forward to Thursday evening and glad I got an extra day to work in the tackle cave. Not really, I need a day off. Rescheduling the space nerds now for our photography outing. Which at this point is about to become a fishing trip too. Next up see if we make Thursday. Stay tuned!
Good luck to everyone at NASA. I know this is annoying working a year plus for a launch to have to wait. NASA doesn’t light that candle unless they are one hundred percent positive they can.

wallops flight facility trajectory map, antares, nasa, cygnus, northrop gruman, cygnas
Launch trajectory map for viewing the NG-14 Antares launch from Wallops Island … courtesy of NASA

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