Atlantic Croaker And Spot Creel Limit Coming Soon For Delaware

The ASMFC’s “traffic light” trigger has been set off.

Last year we attended a meeting in Maryland with DNREC, DNR, and ASMFC. It was a joint meeting to discuss and public comment for possible spot and croaker creel limits. There were two people from Delaware and one from Maryland that attended for public comment. We listened to the discussion and then asked the usual questions.

Atlantic croaker
Atlantic croaker (Micropogonias Undulatus)

When it came time for public comment we agreed that the fifty fish per angler limit of croaker and spot was fine with us. Seriously how many does one person need? There is an explanation about the “traffic light” approach to creating a creel limit for spot and croaker. This traffic light approach is the “trigger” that sets a limit for spot and croaker.

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Spot, Leiostomus xanthurus, strip-er cndy, spot croaker, rockfish candy,
Spot, Leiostomus xanthurus

Yes when using spot as a bait fish anglers would still be limited to fifty fish per angler. There will not be a size limit for Spot, and we already have a size limit for Atlantic Croaker. We will just have to comply with the amount kept or possessed by an angler. At some point DNREC will have public comment periods for this and the whole nine. Expect this to go into affect for next season. Stay tuned.
On a side note … this is why we attend as many meetings as possible and keep up with the fishery. This was announced at the Tidal Finfish Advisory Council among a few other things.

asmfc, Atlantic Croaker and Spot Addenda, atlantic states marine fisheries commission
Atlantic Croaker and Spot Addenda

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