Fight Breaks Out Over Surf Tags At Starbucks

I can’t even make this up for a good April Fool’s joke, because this was literally on the list of suggestions this year.

So what had happened was …

This has been confirmed by witnesses, it is a hundred percent reliable, identities are anonymous and will remain as such.

Today at Starbucks folks waiting in line for their Caramel-Ribbon-hey-that-guy-is-gonna-punch-that-guy-in-the-face-Crunch Frappuccino Blended Beverage-double-latte -mocha-gonna-yoke and choke-ya, double grande. Two dudes started to throw down over the surf fishing tags. One guy had a surf tag and one did not, it would be a fight for … actually no one knew what or why at first honestly.

Two gentlemen in their fifties were in line for their “coffee”. Apparently a conversation started about surf tags. Our first contestant was described as a local who said he has been here for twenty years (Local Self Proclaimed). Our second contestant is Mr. Jersey, since that is where he said he is from.

Witness … “These guys are going back and forth about surf tags in line.”

Local Self Proclaimed …
“I didn’t get my tag in time they should be for us locals only. I’ve been here for twenty years!”
Mr Jersey .. “I got my tag a while ago, I live in Jersey. I did it online.”

Witness 2 … “They go on and on for a bit about the whole tag problem, local self proclaimed was getting aggravated, then it went south.”

Mr Jersey says to the self proclaimed local … “So you live here? How did you not get a tag, you had four months.”

Witness .. At this point Jersey is starting to rib the guy a little. He is just having a little fun in a conversation, like guys always do.”

Mr. Jersey … “How can you live here and not get your tag on time”

Witness … “Apparently at this point Mr. Jersey didn’t realize it, but found out real quick, that the self proclaimed local was really pissed about his lack of tag. Next thing I know they are standing toe to toe in the lobby holding each other by the shirt collars, and arguing. Then the self proclaimed local takes a swing and misses. Jersey retorts and connects. Coffee is all over the place.”

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Witness … “At this point someone came out front and yelled get out of here or I am calling the Police. So they rush outside, there is coffee all over the place. Then the self proclaimed local jumps in his truck, takes off real fast, runs over three curbs to get to route 1 and speeds off.
Meanwhile Jersey is standing outside yelling “But DUDE, you had four months! Over and over
Everyone inside is laughing like what in the actual hell just happened?”

I know people are pissed they didn’t get their surf fishing tag and that robo call didn’t help.
I have been fielding all kinds of drama.
You want the best solution to the crowded beaches and unlimited tag sales? Because I have heard it all.
Limit the number of vehicles on the beaches. Unlimited tag sales. Do weekend or 3 day tags for the one timers. First come first serve to get on the beach. Put up gates, these don’t cost that much. Problem solved, everyone has a fair shot.

Actively fishing rule isn’t working and is in the way of surf anglers, but that is another conversation.

There are easily over 22,000 Delaware surf fishing tag holders right now with a potential of 34,000 total with 2 year tags.
|You have a voice, start telling parks what you want to see changed. Do that by telling the State of Delaware. These people work for you, not the other way around. Collectively you could make the changes that need to be made.
If some folks had their way drive on beaches would be gone, and we all would have to park and walk. Then we all might finally have some space, but only those of us that can walk that far.

Someone is always going to be mad about beach access. But do you really need to get in a fist fight in Starbucks over it? That doesn’t solve anything. But thanks for the entertainment, can we get back to fixing the problem.

Summer Pro Tip … Surf anglers will hit the beach predawn because that is when the fish start biting. Then they will leave around ten, eight these days, when the crowds get ridiculous. Then they come back at six in the evening when the beaches clear out and the fishing picks back up. It is not that hard to catch fish even in the middle of the day and many do.

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