Delaware State Park Surf Tag Sticker Issues And What You Need To Know

We recieved numerous complaints about the ink rubbing off surf tag stickers. As well as some having issues wiht the sticker itself not adhering well. These have all been online ordered tags and stickers. Not all of these stickers are having this issue. We reached out to parks after our group page and messenger, received a lot of complaints. After looking into the issue parks reached back and out and suggested the following.

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DE State Parks .. “We have only received a handful of inquiries about the ink and/or questions about the stickers. If we have a customer that goes to a park office or calls in regards to any manufacturing issues with the permit decal itself (i.e. decal not sticking, ink rubbing off, not aligned, etc.), we are advising them to bring the original decal in (if they don’t have it with them) and we will provide a reprint for them at no cost.  The decal is still valid if the tag/decal number rubs off since the issue year (2021 or 2022) is still legible and that is what indicates if the decal is valid for the year. The tag/decal number being printed on the decal is an extra enhancement for enforcement efforts added this year.  The surf fishing permit paper should also be in the vehicle and can be matched up to the vehicle that the decal is on.” 

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