Annual Delaware Surf Fishing Tags Will Go On Sale Soon

(Nov 2020) … I have received about thirty messages a day asking when the 2021 annual surf tags will be available. The Delaware State Parks have a new system they are using to issue permits and surf tags this year. The tag sales will start sometime in mid December and will be announced soon.
Parks will be using the same system that they use for the campground reservations. Last year parks got hammered in one day and overwhelmed with surf tags and annual park passes to the tune of 22,000 plus in one day. That is a lot of work for the parks’ staff they didn’t anticipate.

Surf Tag sales are limited to 17,000 per year, every year. There is not a 17,000 cap on the total amount of tags, that is actually 34,000 if you do the math, and everyone gets a two year tag.
This new system will make it easier for parks to keep that regulated as well. This will work just like the DMV. People can come to the offices get their tag and it will all be printed out right there. Online orders will be mailed by the service.
Sounds like a much better system and parks is rigorously testing it out to make sure there are no glitches in the matrix.

I highly recommend buying a two year tag to save you at least one year of dealing with getting your surf tag. The black surf tag auction starts on Black Friday this year until December 9th

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