Striped Bass Incidental Catches Are Legal In Delaware

The new circle hook law for striped bass is confusing some anglers

You’re fishing for black drum, you have an offset circle hook with clam. These are not legal for targeting striped bass, however you’re drum fishing. You catch a keeper striped bass. The question has been, can anglers keep the legal keeper striped bass even though the hook wasn’t legal. Short answer … Yes.

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DNREC … “It is legal in Delaware to keep a legal-sized striped bass that was caught on a baited hook other than a non-offset circle hook if the angler was not targeting striped bass “

Atlantic Striped Bass Management Board Webinar Summary. The summary is a bit confusing as it states at first, incidental striped bass catch (keepers) should be returned to the water and not retained.
However this has been left up to the states to make their own decision for this hook “issue” with incidental striped bass catches while targeting other species.
So far in Delaware that incidental catch is legal.

Hope this helps clear up any confusion.
Non Offset Circle Hooks Required For Striped Bass

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